CVG Preview: WET


Deep in a Texan plane boneyard a giant hollowed-out Black Betty bomber sits among the wrecks. A platform's been erected inside the fuselage. A solitary dentist chair sits by a makeshift table - a tractor tyre with a wooden plank on top - and soda cans and pizza boxes litter the scene. So far so student digs (apart from the bomber, that is) but the radio transceivers, the crate of machine guns and the Ultimate Ninja arcade cabinet paint a very different picture. Welcome to Rubi's world: the life of a 'fixer' whose choice of home is a middle finger to her fear of flying. Welcome to Wet.

You join us at level three's beginning. We've just played through the first two scenes, a San Franciscan chase sequence followed by a freeway QTE leap-a-thon clearly inspired by Matrix Reloaded, and the opening credits are now rolling. The boneyard's a moment of calm after the relentless thirty-minute gun porn of the first two levels. It represents a chance to take stock and familiarise ourselves with Rubi's, erm... handling.

So far impressions are mixed.

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