Samsung adds MKV to Blu-ray players. PS3 next?

With a Samsung now having a major advantage, we can only hope that this file format is added to the PS3's accepted format list.

"At IFA, Samsung didn't introduce new Blu-ray players, but it announced that player models BD-P1600, BD-P3600 and BD-P4600 will support YouTube and the MKV file format. Existing players will be able to access those features by upgrading the firmware. The company plans to launch BD recorders in 2010, and is holding a wait-and-see stance towards 3-D.

"We know our consumers want access to multi-platform content, and the addition of YouTube to our Blu-ray players aims to provide this to them - from the comfort of their living room," added Shaw. "Adding MKV file support and YouTube to our range of Blu-ray players is the latest step from Samsung Electronics in providing an unparalleled home-cinema experience for our customers."

Our friends at were disappointed at the lack of Blu-ray announcements and pressed the Samsung representatives for more information. They were told that the absence of new Blu-ray product was deliberate, and that Samsung plans to hold a private showcase in late April or early May 2010. A BD recorder is also in the works.

Regarding 3-D, Samsung says that it is not a major concern for them at the moment. Of course, the company isn't against that technology, but the representatives had no information on the topic."

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Simon_Brezhnev3795d ago

i really hope ps3 supports MKV format

Dragun6193795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Dude if they do, That would really save me alot of time! Converting HD videos to MTS2/MP4/MPG2 takes a whiles and It would make my PS3 a well rounded media center, Playing most formats all in my 1080p/5.1 SS living room setup.

BulletToothtony3795d ago

decodes mkv files to your ps3 on the fly from your pc..

even works with OS-X and best part is free...

vhero3795d ago

Would love them to natively support it then i can convert HD movies and fit them on a DVD! As for converting them on the fly to PS3 I used that program for over a year and its not without its fair share of problems especially when it comes to MKV's it's constantly freezing and out of sync. Native MKV support would be the best thing for PS3 for me its number 1 on my want list even hire than cross game chat.

chaosatom3795d ago

But it would be nice if they just support it out of the box.

strotee3795d ago

I've been using the PS3 Media Server for a month or 2 and it has been an absolute God-send (having better luck than TVersity). Mind you, the ability to stream mostly depends on the performance of your host computer and the quality of the encoding of the MKV file. I usually first try to convert it to MPG using MKV2VOB and if that fails (only seen 1 fail so far) then I just stream MKV. But yea, streaming 15 GB 1080p videos are a snap with it.

Close_Second3795d ago

I use a program called MKVtoAVI (I think that's what its called. Takes about 2 minutes to convert an MKV file into a format that is supported by the PS3.

riksweeney3795d ago

Converting from MKV to MP4 should take 7 minutes, not 7 hours (depending upon the size of the MKV)

krisq3795d ago

Sony will add .mkv support because people are watching it only from legit sources ;). But...but...but...DivX/ XviD and .avi are also used mainly for illegal stuff?
That's true, but DivX is also a part of Dev SDK as a tech to compress ingame cinematics.
They dodge open formats like fire. But the more manufacturers supports it, the more chance for Sony to break.

Statix3795d ago

The PS3 already does support MKV, basically; you just need to tinker around a bit with the file format. There's a program called MKV2VOB, and it only takes about 2 minutes to convert any MKV file into a video that's totally playable by the PS3.

krisq3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The streams in .mkv are playable, container is not supported. MKV2VOB remuxes them to .mp4 or vob or any other supported container.

FamilyGuy3794d ago

Yeah, veeeery handy

Anyone still reading this, go to
There's a search button at the top.
Type in PS3 and see what comes up
Also type in "720p mpeg" or "1080p mpeg"

What is found nice too.

Reibooi3794d ago

I just use PS3mediacenter which works perfectly so I wouldn't really care if they make it standard on the PS3 itself since the media center works pretty much the same way it would if they did make it standard

Guitardr853794d ago

Yes this truly would be fantastic! I don't know how many animes Ive downloaded are mkv! Maybe now I can actually stream them to my ps3!!

ThanatosDMC3794d ago

MKV on PS3 would just be awesome. Hopefully when it comes, they'll also add the ability to change the language and the subtitles.

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Major_Tom3795d ago

I personally know a few people who are waiting for PS3 to get MKV support before they decide to purchase one.

Bathyj3795d ago

So they're not waiting for GT or GOW or Twisted Metal, they're waiting for MKV?

Thats just silly.

Major_Tom3794d ago

Not everyone is interested in da video games, quite a few are interested in the multi-media aspects of the PS3.

Raoh3795d ago

I doubt it. Sony isn't known for jumping on the bandwagon.. they tend to try to hold out for as long as they can hoping everyone will just abandon the competition and and use their accepted formats...

not to mention previously the only way to get .mkv on the ps3 was via linux, with linux no longer an option in the ps3 slim, i wouldn't hold my breath on ps3 and mkv

Bathyj3795d ago

They gave us .avi which was probably my favourite update so far. I dont see why they wouldn't get on board with this.

roxkis3795d ago

..then it would put its media capabilities up there with the likes of XBMC. But I don't see MKV coming to ps3 mostly because its mostly a pirate's format. But one can dream.

Bathyj3795d ago

It would be nice to see all that HD porn on the big screen.

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