Resonance Of Fate Shows Us Everything Final Fantasy XIII Should Be

Cinemablend writes "Resonance Of Fate Shows Us Everything Final Fantasy XIII Should Be Sega released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-turn-based RPG, Resonance of Fate. The game features a mix of tactical turn-based combat with real-time action intertwined. The concept plays out like everything we all thought Final Fantasy XIII was going to be and everything it should have been. "

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GrandDragon3793d ago

Yep, we all know how much you hate FFXIII.

How the hell can you compare this Gun animated game with a relatively None Gun related game??!!!

The continuous jumping around wont suit every scenery...unless that is limited.

Ninji3793d ago

Both games will be mediocre. I mean Tri-Ace is making this garbage when Star Ocean 4 was a flop. Square-Enix is making FF13 and that will flop like the rest of their games. So the title is basically just saying "This mediocre game shows us everything that this other mediocre game should be" and it's kind of pointless when both games are garbage.

Noctis Aftermath3793d ago

Yes you hate Squarenix we get it, but to say that FF13 will flop? blinded by hate much? i don't think a single Final Fantasy game has flopped, this one even with its flaws is guaranteed to sell 2mil+ copies in japan alone.

not to mention that its multi-plat everywhere else which only increases the target audience.

I can see this post becoming one of those things you look back-on and laugh, laugh at how stupid the author was while you rip sh1t up in FF13 and the other game gathers dust.

Noctis Aftermath3793d ago

I watched the gameplay video, and to be honest it doesn't look as great as this guy is making out, FF13 already has lost alot of peoples interest but this game will more then likely fail where FF succeeds.

FF13 (dispite its downfalls) is a must buy for JRPG fans, whereas this still has alot to prove if it wants my money.

billbox20103793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

fable2>>>>>> >resonance of fail

fable 2 is already the best rpg of consoles... ffXIII is already fail cuz no have storyline good and square died in old era of ps1.


djaparatic3793d ago

i agree with you that square died and they do not make such a games anymore... just because SE is now oriented only on money... makin me mad. And it is true that the game lost a lot of potential because multiplatform sh*t...But you cant say that FF13 is garbage or sh*t or i dunno... because No one actually played the game. How can you say apple is disgusting if you never tried one??? You cant compare it with lemon then too. So I really dont see why n4g lets such stupid articles around.

Grimm103793d ago

Oh this game LOL.

Its gonna be on 1 DVD9 so that says it all.

The game doesn't even have an open world. You explore locations via a grid system........

Gameplay in FFXIII has a lot more depth and is more down to earth.

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