Is Acitivision preventing you from playing COD4?

PS3Hype writes: 'Call Of Duty 4 is not the same game as it was 2 years ago. The game is full with hackers and cheaters, and is demolished by a new patch. But is there a special reason that Acitivision is not creating good new patches that keeps away the hackers? Maybe Modern Warfare 2?


Sorry for the wrong 'Activision' in the title...

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BulletToothtony3787d ago

this whole "Host has ended game" crap is getting damn well out of hand..

IW has already made clear that MW2 is not going to "have" this problem with that video they released...

Each day there's less games that i can actually finish without getting the whole Host has ended game.. I think that for as much money as IW has made in this game they should have patched this game way more often in gratitude of us the gamers that have bought the game and map packs..

They're getting greedy and is up to us to let them know that they have to stand behind their product.. or we're just gonna buy the used games and they're going to be the ones affected by their own lack of support.

BulletToothtony3787d ago

another thing that makes me suspicious is that how the hell did someone figure out how to do the whole USB trick.. consoles ARE NOT pc's,

In that sense i was a little suspicious that IW had something to do with it.. either way i think IW should've given us rumble support to ps3 owners..

Headshot813787d ago

if IW/ACT cant control their games now, they will not control it when CODMW2 drops. People are going to drop $60-150(yeah they have a "hardcore" following)on broken gameplay that will be hacked to death. But COD is not my cup of tea either way.

DrRobotnik3787d ago

I think every shooter on every system will have these problems. No matter what patches or remedies a company comes up with.

IdleLeeSiuLung3787d ago

Simply because some gamers might just move to a different game altogether like Halo 3 ODST. Activision and IW interrest is to create a game worth upgrading too and I don't doubt it will meet the hype level which is suprisingly non-existant.


@ BulletToothtony

ok, don't ask me to put a rope round my neck on this one.. but regarding the whole host has ended the game thing; I heard that they can't fix it. It had something to do with the way it was coded in the first place.

If you remember when the game first launched there were a lot of complaints regarding it, but it was actually worse then because when the host ended the game it would throw everyone out of the party altogether. The whole community got on their backs really quick about it and they brought out a patch for it. Basically when the host ended the game instead of throwing everyone out, it just took everyone back to lobby. That was the best they could do to fix it.

Now i heard this from a friend who is quite accurate with his info, but even then most times i don't like blasting off with the friend of a friend said this and that.

I would not put my money on it either way, but he is correct about most things... and it kind of made sense to me at the time.

what i am more f-ed off with is the people breaking out of the maps crap. I do think IW has dropped support because they are expecting everyone to move over to MW2.

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Scarecrows3787d ago

thats just how PSN works.

Scarecrows3787d ago

the PSN being awesome again s/

The_Beast3787d ago

Wait.. so you cant hack in xbox live?... it has the most hackers

when i was over my cousins playing halo..... thats the most hackers ive seen on a gaming console...

its fun shooting som1 when they walk through a wall.. isnt it bot?

NaiNaiNai3787d ago

thats not "HACKING" thats called lag switching, and it costs less then 5 bucks to make one for the ps3 and 360.

all it is is a light switch sliced together with your Netcable.

your the kind of person who calls everyone who kills you a hacker/cheater, aren't you fadic4.

JonnyBadfinger3787d ago

Xbox Live while it does have hackers its not in the same sense or league as PSN. PSN seems to have more game hackers and cheaters. Where as Xbox Live seems to have console modders, mostly modded controllers.

i would rather modded controllers every where in CoD4 than people flying around the map and going through walls on PSN via the finally patched UFO hack.

I have never come across hackers or modders in Halo 3 and ive played something like 6000+ games, although from time to time you do find EXP booster. But by far the worst thing on halo 3 is the quitters, and foreign hosts. I mean youd think it would give host to the best capable host of the majority of players.

Its not worth hacking or cheating on Xbox Live simply because its a waste of $70 AUD ($50 USD), because Xbox Live under terms and conditions have the right to ban a consoles serial number from xbox live, which means that console will never have access to Xbox Live again. So Cheating and Hacking isnt worth it, How ever the Turbo controllers dont really seem to bug em that much but it can still get you banned i think.

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DrWan3787d ago

what software or how is this done??? I still dont get it. it's a relatively close system right?? hmm if someone knows let me know

outlawlife3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

same exact way they cheat on xbox live

modded controllers, edited files loaded onto the hard drive via a PC, as well as the increasingly popular lag switch

all of the "hacking" is taking place outside the network therefore it is hard to remedy

mastiffchild3787d ago

Yes, your 360 or PS3 would detct any controller with the lag switch input going directly from the controller to the console so they work by adding the lag between modem and console instead which is not traceable when people use lag switches.

People like to glitch as well as all manner of actual cheating so when Acti/IW might have their hands tied to some extent the efforts they HAVE made recently are a little paltry in my book. So while I've no idea exactly what they're trying to do I'm a little puzzled by hw they seem to be making the game worse rather than better atm. We all know how badly they want to sell MW2 so who could completely discount some deliberate dragging of feet over sorting COD4 these days?

The cheats(why, jus why?) are everywhere mind and when you find loads on MKWii you just know it's getting daft.

ZBlacktt3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )


Very correct and it's not just COD. We all see it in every single online game out there. Everyone of them has cheaters. Low forms of human life who "need" an advantage in order to tell themselves that they are good. I play MGO and it is just as bad as the rest. Slam full of lag switch users, glitchers and damn full of red pingers from Mexico, lol. Online gaming is such a great concept. Only it totally fails in Dev's keeping the game clean.

There is always someone looking to hack everything out there and always will. Look at COD for the computer. They have hacker sites selling programs to cheat on it, look it up yourself. So people are making money to promote more cheating. There are game forums based off cheating in online games. Where members share glitches, tricks and cheats ( www. NextGenBoards . com ). I get so fed up with the cheaters, I just stop playing altogether at times for days. See, in MGO you loose levels based on bad playing. When you take on lag switch cheaters so often. Your going to loose simple as that. So nothing like loosing rank for playing legit.....

DARK WITNESS3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

i know what you guys mean...

i have to say though if you got a team that is half smart then some cheats can still be beat and i have to say its the most satisfying feeling.

the other night in cod4 i joined a game about halfway through with a guy who had got underneath the map. his team was winning and he had about 28 kills and zero deaths. Long story short, we pulled it back and won the game. took some shouting on our team from a guy telling all the noobs not to go near the part of the map he was under, but after a while they got the picture and we won.

another thing i have noticed though is the game has become more laggy. even when people have host and everyone has full green bars, it still seems to lag a lot now.

the guy got a mouth full of Sh$t ! and reported by everyone. Some people are just sad.

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zaza1263787d ago

im sorry but really?
misspelling activision in the title?
im also getting really sick of the host ended game thing though and the lag in some games is brutal...

marcus j3787d ago

Tbey have sorted that out is mw2 now if the host leaves the game someone else will become host.

Daishi3787d ago

You know, like games did on the original xbox and PS2. Look how far we've come...

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