IGN: Supercar Challenge AU Review

Given the ruthlessness of the driving experience, it's fair to say that this is humbling territory for the casual racing fan. The game does offer a variety of assist settings which can be manually manipulated or can be selected from three broad categories – Assisted, Arcade, Simulation. These are quite effective, and as you turn off the various assists you will notice an extremely tangible effect behind the wheel. The Arcade default setting, for example, is like a Codemasters' game and will be where most causal racers will migrate.

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callahan093790d ago

I downloaded the beta the other day and tried it out... I didn't really like it that much on standard controls, but with simulation controls it was pretty fun. I liked the controls but I'm not entirely sold on the game. Graphics are definitely not what I expected from a game that runs in 1080p. Sure, it's 1080p, but the environments just seemed so barren, lifeless, boring, plain. And the sound left a lot to be desired, too.

So, my assessment from the beta: below-average graphics & sound, great controls, good physics. Overall, pretty fun, but I think I'll hold off until Gran Turismo 5. Although maybe this game will find a place on my shelf when it drops in price. It does have a good selection of supercars.

Maybe the full game has made some improvements since the beta, too. But it's been getting mixed reviews. I've seen everywhere from 6's to 9's so far.