Access Your Computer with your DS

Today I will talk about how to use a process called VNC to control and view your computer from your DS. This is a bit more complicated than previous things I have shared with the community, but I hope it will interest you anyway.

First, you need a way to load the program on your DS. I cannot guarantee compatibility of this with the DSi, but you might be able to homebrew that easier since it has an SD card slot built in.

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mghq3787d ago

What do you think about this homebrew

EpicCyndaquil3787d ago

I wrote this article. (I plan to write this as the first comment to all my articles in the Open Zone.)

All feedback appreciated.

mghq3787d ago

Yes this is written by our great staff member.

mghq3787d ago

Also if you have managed to accomplish the above please let us know and review it

imec3787d ago

It's extremely slow and somewhat unstable from what I can recall. I think the lower screen is rendered in a very low resolution, the upper screen updates about once every 5 seconds depending on your settings (and if you're lucky). I remember it being so slow/unstable that I gave up after tinkering around for a few hours (it wouldn't refresh or I would have to restart and then reconnect). If you're going to use your DS for web browsing I would suggest just buying the Opera Browser (there is a hack that lets you use it with a GBA and NDS cart, which you could probably find on google). You absolutely could not use this for watching movies or playing games.

mghq3787d ago

Also do you all like homebrew articles?

HarukoHex3787d ago

I enjoy them, thats what I use most handhelds for. its just fun to mess with.

BTW is moonlight still being updated on the DS?

KionicWarlord2223787d ago


This is crazy...

But very cool .

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