Neocrisis: Five Reasons Why Being a 'Girl' Gamer Sucks

Neocrisis: Girls have been playing games since the dawn of time. It's not news. Sure there were statistics claiming that the percentage of girls was nowhere near the percentage of guys playing but who's to say statistics are ever accurate? What factors are taken into account when statistics are recorded? Moreover, who's being polled in these surveys that determine certain outcomes?

Unfortunately, even to this day, being a 'girl gamer' (note the usage of 'girl gamer' and not 'gamergirl') has had plenty of its disadvantages that can account for reasons why being a 'girl gamer' sucks. Here are five reasons:

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Spike473791d ago

It's amazing how people actually think that not only can they score online, but they can do it through an online social gaming community made for gamers.

riceandbeans3791d ago

Talking to someone, especially a girl, over something like XBL or PSN ignites some type of douchebag mode in people.

riceandbeans3791d ago

Maybe a disease. Remember, stupidity is contagious. Anyone can catch it, while some are affected more than others.

NegativeCreep4273791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

You're supposed to start with "Show Me Some Titties Ma'am!!!" Then you request a sandwich.

Women demand first, THEN you treat them like sex objects!!!

SiteNblog Defender3791d ago

Pathetic neocrisis using n4g blogs to promote the site. stop putting neocrisis on the title ffs. nobody cares about your site.

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The story is too old to be commented.