Fan Expo: Uncharted 2 Gameplay Footage

NextGen Player writes:

"While at the Fan Expo last weekend I checked out Sony's fantastic line-up of games, which included a demo of the upcoming Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The playable demo showcased Mission 5 of the single-player campaign, entitled Urban Warfare."

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villevalorox3788d ago

Crappy video but it's nice to know you will have to use skill to get through this game :D can not run out there and just kill everyone :p wooo hoo I really can not wait for this game :D

KingHippo193788d ago

I don't think the player really understood how a cover system works.

3788d ago Replies(1)
Rampaged Death3788d ago

Whoever is playing this demo clearly doesn't know how to play a video game LMAO !!

KingHippo193788d ago

I had to do a lot of editing on the video because the guy kept on dying, lol.