Halo 3: ODST Xbox 360 pre-order top retail sales

Microsoft Corp.'s Halo 3: ODST for the Xbox 360 topped retail sales on Sun. on high demand for the expansion title.

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Saaking3793d ago

Enjoy the overpriced expansion pack bots. You love getting rippoff by MS don't you.

Deadman643793d ago

Na to be honest I love playing fun games I'm interested in. And Bungie makes some of the best user friendly online/offline games out.

So I get a new campaign, new multiplayer mode, all the Halo 3 maps, and Halo:Reach beta? I'll take it.

Funny how the only people complaining about being 'ripped' off is the sony fanboys. Funny ain't it?

kevinx10003793d ago

amen to that ^^

if i wouldn't think it's worth it, i would buy it huh.
just like the millions of other people.

topdawg1223793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Well there are a lot of stupid people in this world and I think that alot pre-ordered this game

ukilnme3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

@ topdawg122

It's even more stupid to comment about other peoples preorders. It's even more stupid to comment about peoples comments about other peoples preorders.

@ topdawg122

I see it went completely over your head. Lol, and you call me an idiot. I always suspected that you droids were not too smart. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

NegativeCreep4273793d ago

When Xbox 360-only consumers have nothing else to buy this holiday season, they will naturally see and flock to the Halo: ODST (Oh Dis Sh*t is Totally...a ripoff).

topdawg1223793d ago

@ ukilnme,
and you commenting on my comment? just thought i'd let you realize your stupidity. Your avatar suits u well idiot
Don't worry i won't comment back after this

-MD-3793d ago

"Well there are a lot of stupid people in this world and I think they alot pre-ordered this game"


AngryTypingGuy3793d ago

Don't mind the jealous retards. ODST will be awesome. People can say Halo sucks all they want to, but the fact is that there would've been a sharp drop off in sales from Halo 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 if it sucked. While I'm not expecting ODST to sell as much as H3 since it's not a regular Halo game, I still think it will kick ass in sales. Actually, I KNOW it will, since it's already # 1 in pre-orders.

Poopface the 2nd3793d ago


AngryTypingGuy3793d ago

Or the GamerZone to the "afraid of getting into an argument zone"

N4Gcabbage3793d ago

Wow, you'll be playing a whole game this holiday! Stupidcharted 2. HAahahahah i said "stupid" instead of "un"! I'm almost as funny as the droids!
Nice ancronym, you only had to add 3 letters and change a word to make it fit.
I will enjoy Halo 3 ODST, GTA IV gay tony, shadow complex, forza 3, LFD 2 and of course Modern Warfare 2 with exclusive DLC.

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Kamikaze1353793d ago

Too bad I can't buy it =(

Still have to play the first 4 games, (Halo Wars) lol

talltony3793d ago

I got a 360 but I am not sure if I could pay 60 bucks for this. I think I will wait for reach.

Deadman643793d ago

It's pretty much worth it imo to play reach a likely half year early. (considering the Halo 3 beta was in spring, then released in september)

3793d ago
Perjoss3793d ago

They do care about sales, If the ps3 exclusives keep selling poorly they will not remain ps3 exclusives for long. Then there will be even less reasons to buy and own a ps3.

really duh3793d ago

Regardless of you not every playing Halo or if you refuse to buy this the topic is about the people who will lol.

GameGambits3793d ago

I just can't really get into Halo. Never have and I guess I never will. I don't hate the series though, because Bungie does a good job supporting its games unlike some devs.

It just doesn't offer an art style I'm into, I'm not a fan of shooters without run buttons, I'm not into vehicle gameplay for FPS', I like game types with only 1 life for each person and no respawns, and I don't get into energy weapon FPS ever.(Resistance 2 was about the most goofy weapons I could handle and still enjoy)

As far as ODST goes it really feels like the least effort Bungie has gone into a Halo game thus far. What started as an expansion turned into a milk it for all its worth scenario and throw in a beta to make more cash.

I wish it good luck, but I can't say I'll be getting it.

talltony3793d ago

I dnt care about sales in fact I dnt care that the ps3 version of batman AA is outselling the 360 version. I care about games so go ahead and ask me what I would rather have even if ODST sold 4,000,000 more copies than Uncharted 2.

deadreckoning6663793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

YOU don't care about sales but Naughty Dog,the developers who worked their asses off to make this game for u, in fact DO care about sales. If they put all this work in and don't get back what they expect from the consumer, they will begin taking less risks on the PS3. As a PS3 owner I hope this doesn't happen and I WANT it to exceed KZ2 in sales.

The problem is that KZ2 has been hyped up since 2005(sold a respectable 2 million) and Uncharted 2 just appeared on the scene late last year. Also, given the fact that MW2 is on the scene, how well do u really thk Uncharted 2 can do?

lowcarb3793d ago

You can customize your game type to one spawn and no vehicles. Also I believe odst has a run feature.

JokesOnYou3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Just stop all the BS excuses like Britney Spears, wii-fit, blah, blah...of course there are flukes and "fads" and examples of a great game being overlooked for various reasons but the bottom line is if a lot of people like something then it generally sells well, some you are so butthurt, you're grasping at any excuse to downplay Halo...anything that keeps on selling over-and-over-again is about as close as we'll ever get to a consensus on what's quality and what's not. Just because you and your friends really liked a game that did poorly doesn't mean its the greatest game ever it also doesn't mean its a bad is what it is...a certain small group praise it very well might just be what we call a "niche" game, good but lacks wide appeal.

Halo is quality and like it or not the sales do demonstrate this...people don't simply keep buying a product if it sucks so bad compared to its competition...I mean how do explain people not only still buying it but playing it so damm much too, not only that but Halo franchise has only increased in popularity in what is the most competitive genre in gaming, so many quality shooters, so much direct competition to choose from and still millions of people want more Halo, wii-fit...pfft, lol if anything you could say wii-fit sales are high because it has no competiton at all, there are no other console excercise games and apparently there was a huge market waiting to be explored, in Halo's case there's as many of you have said before we have plenty of shooters, yet Halo just keeps on rolling, now if that's not because of quality then please explain to me how Bungie has so many people fooled???


3793d ago
a_cold_soul3793d ago

No halo is not all the 360 have... it also have GOW, SC, Forza (the greatest racing game ever)and lets not forget the games that used to be PlayStation only .... hell I wish I had a 360 :(

Poopface the 2nd3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

honestly, name one other game on 360 or PS3 that has as many features/possible ways to play.

ODST: New campaign. All 23 or so halo 3 maps. Firefight. Forge. Theater. up to 4-player splitscreen local co-op. up to 4 player online co-op. up to 4 player SPLITSCREEN ONLINE MATCH MAKING ON ONE console/1 live account. custom games. local multiplayer. System link. And the unrivaled stat tracking of bungie(I can look up my old live tag for halo 2 and see a crap load of game stats even though I havent played for 4 years). OH YEA, I forgot THE HALO REACH BETA.

Even if you hate halo, hate FPS or even hate videogames, you cant deny that halo odst offeres more ways to play alone or with friends then ANY other game out there.

I wont be buying ODST any time soon but I cant deny that bungie has provided more ways to play than any other game on 360 or ps3.

evrfighter3793d ago

@ a_cold_soul

don't feed the trolls dude. This particular one is butthurt so much he decided to leave the open zone to try and piss someone off.

talltony3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

All I am saying is that even if halo odst sold alot more than uncharted 2 it wouldnt make it the better game imo. Thats all Im saying. Of course i care that uncharted 2 sells well but if it doesnt sell as much as halo, big deal. The game will sell enough for a bigger and better sequel just like the first uncharted did.

And since Uncharted 2 is not a fps shooter, I think Modern Warfare 2 and halo ODST are the ones that are going to be going at it this year. How well do you think ODST will do with Modern warfare 2 on the horizon? is the better question.

morganfell3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Well dead, since sales are so high on your list you might want to look where the just price chopped 360 Elite is sitting. Here is a hint - it isn't even in the top 50.

You are one of those people that believes quality is determined by sales. The scores averages at Metacritic will disagree with you.

usern4g3793d ago

It's amazing to see the PS3 fans debate "oh, is it worth it?"

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 owners -- as the article clearly informs -- *have* decided that it is worth it.

I agree. I've got a preorder.

All New First Person Campaign.
All the expansions.
New MP modes.

Is it worth it? Yes, it's worth it without any shadow of a doubt.

3793d ago
GameGambits3793d ago

Is that true? I only played Halo 3 for a month back when it came out then I believe COD4 came out and I put it away after that.

I thought for ranked games you didn't get 1 life only things. I'm sure in custom and private matches as was always the case in Halo games the customization is good.

If you can really play ranked games in Halo 3 with 1 life for all then that's my bad on not knowing that. I know for ranked games though when it came to vehicles some maps didn't have them, but you didn't get the choice to turn them off on maps that had them.

ODST has a run feature? So left stick in increases my sprint, and if so is that only for the campaign? No offense to Halo, but the single player is the very last reason I got Halo 3 when it came out. Halo 1-3's storylines were subpar for me. I'm a RPG/Kojima type of guy when it comes to game stories.

If ODST adds ranked game types with 1 life no respawns and we can all sprint so I don't feel like a thousand pound slug then even I'd at least rent it to see if it changes my mind. However if this is just single player and private games then it changes nothing on my opinion of Halo.

Shepherd 2143793d ago

I agree with Jokes On You, Wii fit has no competition what so ever, and many people wanted to give it a shot because its nintendo's new family product. Halo has many, many other shooters to compete with and it still gets huge sales. And Halo 3 is still one of the top games on Xbox Live 2 years after Halo 3's release. That cant indicate anything else other than good quality. People dont keep playing and buying a product if it sucks.

And to the weird guy who said he couldnt get into Halo because he doesnt like FPS's with vehicles and he liked games with one life, you can create your own gametype where you have one life with no vehicles on the map in Halo 3. Theres still no sprint button, but you can adjust the speed in which the players run, the height in which they can jump, whether ppl have shields or nor, or if they do have shields you can set the strength of the shields too. And theres many, many, many more options to adjust and change.

People just want to hate on Halo because its popular, but intelligent people know the truth, that Halo is a great franchise. Regardless of what anyones says, i still enjoy Halo 3 to this day and i will be jizzing all over ODST when its released like the fanboy gamer geek i am.

morganfell3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Sad, but you miss the point. It is precisely that I said it doesn't matter but SINCE YOU WANT TO MAKE AN ISSUE OF SALES then we'll dance to that tune. See if you can keep up.

BTW, is this another one of your accounts like the plum30 business?

aueslander3793d ago

.....we all know you and others care about sales but here is the thing. When a hyped game comes out and doesnt do as much as it was hyped to do, the fans all say "WHo cares about sales as long as I like the game," but we all know that say if KZ2 had beat H3s sngle day record you and others would be dancing in the street shooting you baby batter into the air over toppling H3.

But let's see, according to you any game that sells multi-million copies, has over a billion unique online games, automatically sucks just because it has done well. So, if Halo is as it is but say each copy only did say 1-2.5 mil each it would make it better? Then again, you and others would be saying how much it sucks since it didn't sell as many as it was hyped to sell.

Simply put, as others have said, you can try to brush it off all you like but let's face it, sales matter. Case in point? You ever play Psychonauts? Awesome ass game that scored well with critcs but since it wasnt hyped up to death and sold only like 500k copies, is there a sequel on the horizon? Nope. Yes, there is Brutal but that is NOT a sequel.

Let's take another example, did you ever like the Mortal Kombat series as I and others have? WEll, with Midway going bust there is a chance that we may never see another MK game again (though yes, I know Boon said there is one in the works but no publisher at the moment).

Simply put, people do to games like they do to music. ANything that is popular, played on the radio, and sells a ton of Albumbs means it automatically sucks even though people obviously like it and enjoy it otherwise a crap load of copies wouldn't have sold. Now, I think Boy Group (wont say band as to me to have a group called a band they have to play their own instruments) and the pop chicks (Spears, Simpons, etc.) suck beyond belief but considering the 10s of millions they have sold obviously those people that bought the albums enjoyed it and liked it, Thing is, other high selling albums are good and sell well. Appetite For Destruction? The Black Album? Human Clay? Meteora? Simply put, just cause a game (or anything) sells a ton of copies doesnt equate it to automatically sucking. Does it make it good? Well, it could depending on you, but saying sales mean nothing when we all know you and other PS3 fans would never shut up if a PS3 exclusive outperforms a 360 is a bit of a lie.

Some come on, bring it on, let's hear you and others say "bu, bu bu but sales dont mean jack. The only sales I care about are the ones I make and buy. Keep playing your sales game while I go play (insert overhyped ps3 game here) while you an't even though I know I prob will neverget to play it's sequel since it didn't do well but who cares!!!"

Yea, sales don't matter at all.

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corywebb933793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The most legendary series in gaming since super mario is making its making is return

iff it wasent for halo we wouldnt have. call off duty
resistance or killzone 2 or uncharted drakes fortune and litlebigplanet

When halo launches it will break the gaming industry sales in one day easily selling 4 million in one day

Bungies next masterpice and number one contender for game series off all time exclusive to the xbox 360

kissmeimgreek3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

yah i mean where else would the devs come up with LBP without halo? ALLZ HAILZ DUH POWR DT IZ DE HALOZ SEREZ!


stil love halo though

EDIT: whoa buddy. statements like masterpiece and 4 mil are sure to drive out the ps3 owners... lets play this one modestly and let the inevitable milllions of sales do the talking.

Pandamobile3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Enjoy paying $60 for an expansion pack.

3793d ago
Simon_Brezhnev3793d ago

i have to admit the funniest thing i heard in a long ass time

LordMarius3793d ago

Cory you forgot to include your link to Beyonce's Halo. Stupid bot

-MD-3793d ago

Halo and Halo 2 were last generation just so you know Saaking.

He's praising the series so your bad joke is pathetically wrong.

Poopface the 2nd3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

honestly, name one other game on 360 or PS3 that has as many features/possible ways to play.

ODST: New campaign. All 23 or so halo 3 maps. Firefight. Forge. Theater. up to 4-player splitscreen local co-op. up to 4 player online co-op. up to 4 player SPLITSCREEN ONLINE match making with ONE console/1 live account. custom games. local multiplayer. System link. And the unrivaled stat tracking of bungie(I can look up my old live tag for halo 2 and see a crap load of game stats even though I havent played for 4 years)

Even if you hate halo, hate FPS or even hate videogames, you cant deny that halo odst offeres more ways to play alone or with friends then ANY other game out there.

I wont be buying ODST any time soon but I cant deny that bungie has provided more ways to play than any other game on 360 or ps3.

KionicWarlord2223793d ago

Poopface has a point...

I cant believe i just said poopface .

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tdogchristy903793d ago

"The most legendary series in gaming since super mario is making its making is return."

From the open zone.

He does have a small point, halo as a whole did help push gaming to that next level. Just as mario helped push it in it's day.

Major_Tom3793d ago

It also ushered in a whole new level of dumb.

The BS Police3793d ago

I blame Counter Strike for that one actually.

Perjoss3793d ago

Anyone who actually takes the time to diss the Halo franchise is just acting on their jealousy. Its one of the most played online console games in history (ridiculously much more popular than killzone2) and has a matchmaking system that is 2nd to none.

Double Toasted3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

why don't you explain yourself or maybe you're reflecting and projecting YOURSELF with your comment?

3793d ago
Major_Tom3793d ago

What relevance does Killzone 2 have when talking about Halo? I could give less than a crap about Killzone 2 I'm speaking directly about the console kiddies who talk about Halo like it's the first and best FPS ever made. That's why I roll my eyes.

deadreckoning6663793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

1.Why are u talking about the Elite and it's sales?? It has nothing to do with my argument.

2.Stop trying to make me seem like all I care about is sales. I was merely trying to send the message to PS3 fanboys that if there going to talk up Uncharted 2 and downplay ODST, they better make damn well sure that Uncharted 2 topples ODST in every aspect, that includes SALES AND POPULARITY. Give respect to where its due. If Halo sucked it wouldn't be the most played online game out there.

3.Ummm... trust me, I know what quality is and Uncharted 2 and ODST will BOTH be quality games. AND FYI every PS3 game I own is over 90 on metacritic, if that means anythg to u then Im happy I made ur day :)

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Saaking3793d ago

Does higher sales magically make the game experience better? Serious question here.

soxfan20053793d ago

In a way, yes it does. Higher sales equals more profit for the developer. More money means more resources, as well as having the means to hire the top game designers that a lower-funded operation might not be able to afford.

air13793d ago

no it doesnt.

it does let everyone know what ppl want to play though.

think about it.. kz2 costed 50 mill. to make and just sold like 2 mill recently? why would sony invest on something like that again if it couldnt numbers like those other shooters like gears halo cod etc..

you sony fanatics just need to get off that high horse and stop thinking that just cause you loved the game thats all that matters. keep thinking that its only about you, if sony keeps losing money like they are and no one cares will you all of a sudden care when they go the way of sega?

Xi3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

oh typical.

Higher sales might not be a direct attribute of quality but the reality is that the better game often sells better. The top 10 selling games of all time are some of the highest quality, most highly regarded and innovative titles ever made.

jBat173793d ago

and britney spears is one good singer.

in her defense, she was really hot back in the day. would have hit her with no hesistation.

Saaking3793d ago

So does that mean Wii Fit is the best game ever since it sold more than Halo 3? According to the above logic, that would be true. I myself don't find wii fit that entertaining.

Myze3793d ago


While I understand your point, and it's accurate sometimes, there are just as many games that don't sell well that are as good/better (much better in many cases) than the ones that sell tons.

As for the top 10, I'm guessing you haven't looked at the list.

Considering Wii Play, Nintendogs and Wii Fit are the top 3, and over half of the games in the top 10 wouldn't even make it into my top 100, I don't see pure sales being very important. (That top 10 is from Wiki, so could be very off)

Lastly, not directed at your comment, but since when is 2mil copies sold bad (Killzone 2 in this instance, same with many other good 360/ps3 games that sold well, but apparently not well enough for some)? Anything over 1mil in sales is very good, period.

Xi3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

That wii fit is the best exercise game on the market available today for any console.

And conversely I'd say that Nintendogs is probably the best canine sim available.

Both games feature commercial and critical success. Just like GT filled a niche that required filling and quickly became a beacon of quality in it's respective field, thus acquiring similar commercial success.

And myze, take a look at any other console on the wiki list and say to me with a straight face that the games listed are not the best games available on the console.

However that said, comparing games such as wii fit to halo in the first place is the same as comparing tetris to madden, the games feature very very few comparative aspects.

gamingisnotacrime3793d ago

Other than that the offline experience does not change one bit, which is why i enjoyed SoTC so much, low sales did not affect one bit that unique gaming experience

ODST looks like fun, but the price is too high for me specially when i plan to buy multiple titles in the next 3 months

air13793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

thank you xi............

sony fanatics like saaking are such squares, they just cant think out side the box..

sales might not mean anything to you saaking but it means a lot to the ppl that made the game that you love so much.

how can something sell 10 million and not be good quality? its obvious they found some kinda quality they liked about the game. i think you sony fanatics think that graphics are quality when its not gameplay wins every time and thats why more ppl still play halo3 than ppl play kz2.. hell more ppl play halo 1 2 and 3 than ppl play kz2

Troll_Police3793d ago

In that case, why does Square Enix continue to make JRPGs exclusive to the Xbox and they all sell like crap. 2 million copies sold is excellent and will guarantee a sequel.

table3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

"how can something sell 10 million and not be good quality?"

The same reason why Britney Spears was so popular. The same reason why rap is popular. The same reason cheap TV is popular. Sales does not equal quality... when will people learn, democracy doesn't work!

Just for the record I like Halo(not 3) but seriously open your eyes fanboys. Just play the god damn game and stop wanking over sales.


"Does higher sales magically make the game experience better? Serious question here. "

The sales are high BECAUSE of the experience.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3793d ago

How convenient for you to equate quality to sales, but what about all those JRPG flops on 360? Bad games?

Games sell because they get the job done. Halo sells because it's a household name, not because it's that good. Halo was the only good game on Xbox for a while which is why it made a name of itself. Also, FPS, RTS and WRPGs sell a lot because th Xbox fanbase is comprised by many ex-PC gamers. Games that sell a lot on Playstation are games that have a legacy, like MGS, resident evil, street fighter and Gran Turismo, but there isn't one particular genre that excels above others. So its good exclusive new IP sell good, not great like GT or halo but good enough, in fact so good that Playstation devs keep churning out exclusive content in spite of the retorts that Xbox fanboys spout in internet forums; their arguments evidently fall appart when you look at the increasing amount of exclusive PS studios unlike the shrinking amount of Microsoft game studios, in spite of 'teh sales'. But then again, not all 360 exclusives are big sellers, just look at all the japanes 'exclusices', even their in-house exclusives like viva piñata, banjo, too human failed to attain Halo/Gears #'s. Hell, Crackdown sold due to the Halo 3 beta.

In short, Games sell due to long time following, paid reviews (which are mostly politics nowadays), advertising, appeal to already existing markets, price, convenience and novelty. Even sh1tty movie games can sell, so it's not a requirement, Especially since high quality games like Okami have failed before. Xbox fanboys, get of your high horse.

3793d ago
likedamaster3793d ago

"...but it does make you cry harder."

Comedy gold right there. Bubbles.

3793d ago
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