GTA IV and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Drops $10 Off

JPS Writes: "The new episodes of Grand Theft Auto IV are right around the corner. With this new disc of content releasing, Rockstar has decided to drop the price of the original game once more. GTA IV has dropped by $10 to $29.99..."

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Pandamobile3796d ago

Why is Call of Duty 4 JUST getting a price drop? The game is almost 2 years old for christ's sake.

Saaking3796d ago

Yet people still buy it.

cyberwaffles3796d ago

effing bullshit. just bought this game for the hell of it like a month ago used for 40 bucks. for now on i'm just going to wait a few years to wait for a price drop for games...wait a minute.

NegativeCreep4273796d ago

Having the Keif (Jack Bauer) as a battle buddy was the sh*t in that game. Though I hated the tanks and vehicles in the multiplayer!