Dissidia Final Fantasy - PSInsider Review

PSInsider writes:

"During my time as a gamer, there's one series that's always stood out to me. It had such an interesting tale to tell in each of its many games, showing every one of us little gamer s an exhilarating experience. The immersion and depth of the games were just fantastic, and simple enough that anyone could play. No matter which game in the series it was, it always offered a memorable experience any time you play. That kind of game comes around once per generation, and these games have been a part of every one. What game series is this, you ask? Why, it's Final Fantasy, of course!"

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Blaze9293787d ago

Hell yeah man. I see some other reviews giving this game like a 6/10 or w/e and I'm like, they just dont get it...

JasonXE3787d ago

I laughed at IGN's 8.9 like really.....what the hell was that .1 from just giving it a 9?

AridSpider3787d ago

Thats just IGNs being pricks again

ProA0073787d ago

Just made me so pumped at the possibilities for Birth by Sleep. I can't wait.

Blaze9293787d ago

hell yeah man. Visually will surely impress from what I've seen so far. Gameplay wise, as long as they dont do it like Chain of Memories with stupid cars, it'll be golden.

NegativeCreep4273787d ago

Super Smash Bros...Final Fantasy Style!!!

How can you lose???

I wish they would have included Auron from FFX though!

Blaze9293787d ago

yeah I agree, cant believe they left Auron out!

NegativeCreep4273787d ago

The little Xbox D*cks don't agree with us! Apparently Master Chief, not Auron, tops their list of who should have been included in Dissidia, and who F's them in the A at night when they are vulnerable.

cyberwaffles3787d ago

i played the demo and it was pretty cool. i don't know about a 10, but then again i haven't played the full game. might need to check it out one day.

killyourfm3787d ago

The demo represents about .05% of the actual gameplay experience. This is simply a MASSIVE game with fighting mechanics that just keep growing and expanding.

Honestly the demo almost PREVENTED me from buying the game. So if you liked it even remotely, snag the full version.