In Creation Games: "2010 will be the year of the hack and slash"

… and a quick summary of this generation so far.

In Creation Games writes: Now I love a good hack and slash adventure game or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes they called beat em' up action, simply action-adventure and more but for the purposes of this I'll call it hack and slash. They always manage to be very stylish and cool, put up a good challenge and have a great pace throughout the game, well the good ones do. Generally there are always going to be really big bosses that look impossible to defeat but eventually you will kick their ass. This generation has had a few games so far but next year looks like it will be giving us some of the best.

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Saaking3788d ago

Indeed, Bayonetta, GOW III, Dante's Inferno. GOW III will be the best obviously.

ukilnme3788d ago

Thanks for the info droid. I'll be enjoying it myself.

Saaking3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Good to know bot. Now take you stupidity somewhere else