Farming sims the future of gaming?

Who Was There: On the third and final day of the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo, Andrew Mayer delivered a talk titled "The Future of Gaming: You Don't Know What You're Going to Get." A game-industry vet in the more casual and social-gaming spaces, Mayer currently serves as a user experience consultant for MediaShifter.

What He Talked About: Mayer's forward-looking session began with a look at the past and present, namely as it pertained to hardware. According to Mayer, hardware has traditionally driven innovation and evolution in the game industry, but it's reached a point where technical capabilities are no longer driving the market.

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shocky163786d ago

This is probably the stupidest idea ever.

wxer3786d ago

"Farming sims the future of gaming?"

but i kinda liked a Harvest Moon game on the DS

Montrealien3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

First off, read the article, not the title. Secondly, there are more people playin Farmwille on Facebook as I type this, then there are people arguing over it on forums and comments sections like N4G.

Infact, farmville alone has well over 30 million active players per month, The article brings up very valid points and concepts as to where our belived industry is heading. Just reading titles is bad guys.

poindat3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Screw you guys; it's all about the Forklift Simulator. Brought to you by the same guys who made:

> Agriculture Simulator 2008 (2008) Windows

> Agriculture Simulator 2009 (2009) Windows

> Bus Simulator 2008 (2007) Windows

> Bus Simulator 2009 (2009) windows

> The Cooking Professionals (2006) Windows

> Crane Simulator 2009 (2008) Windows

> Diving 2008: The Diving Simulator (2007) Windows

> Dream Stripper (2006) Windows

> Dream Stripper II: Cabaret (2008) Windows

> Driving-Simulator 2009 (2008) Windows

> Erotic Empire Deluxe (2006) Windows

> Excavator Simulator 2008 (2008) Windows

> Fork-lift Truck Simulator 2009 (2009) Windows

> Game Tycoon 1.5 (2005) Windows

> Garbage Disposal Simulator 2008 (2008) Windows

> Hard Truck Tycoon (2006) Windows

> Model Car Simulator 3D (2005) Windows

> Sailing 2007 (2006) Windows

> Sailing: Deutsche Islands: North Sea and Baltic Sea (2007) Windows

> Ship Simulator Add-On (2007) Windows

> Ship Simulator 2006: Platinum Edition (2007) Windows

> Ship Simulator 2008 (2007) Windows

> Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons (2008) Windows

> Strip Black Jack (2008) Windows

> Sweet Baby Polar Bear (2007) Windows

> The Wine Empire (2009) Windows

What a great line-up! I can be stacking crates one moment, farming the next, and finally move on to stripping after I've finished compacting some garbage! Truly amazing!

karan86243785d ago

my cousin is actually like addicted to the farmville thing and the poker apps on facebook.

But I doubt it will be the next big thing, I find it pretty boring.

ThanatosDMC3785d ago

I was addicted to Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl on my PSP for a long time. I'm level 24 on Farmville. I still havent bought tractors.

badz1493785d ago

so does a lot of her friends! I don't understand what is so great about it because I don't even use my facebook that much! but come on...future of gaming?

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mrv3213786d ago

I think he has something there.

On COD 4 you though in a farm
In Resistance 2 there was bits in the barn
In Uncharted 2 there was scenes in jungle farm
In Halo 3 there's probably a covenenant farm.

See everything is connected, a good game has a link to farming.

NewNameNow3786d ago

While these may appeal to Facebook users I highly doubt they will ever make it into mainstream gaming. The only farming sim I can think of is Harvest Moon and I don't recall that getting too big.

threepy3786d ago

Harvest Moon may not be massive but it's pretty well known, and definitely has more than a few sales. It has a lot of games.
Farming Sims won't be the future of games, though with the casual market no doubt increasing, game like Harvest Moon could sell more. I like Harvest Moon myself, it is nice and relaxing, though certainly wouldn't buy every game in the series.

To some extent Harvest Moon has hit the mainstream, in a similar way that Animal Crossing has. A casual game that has quite a following, even with some hardcore gamers.

Nihilism3786d ago

building farms in age of empires in about as far as i care to go

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