GOONL!NE: Hidden Feature in PS3 Firmware 3.0

GOONL!NE writes: I'm sure many of you PS3 gamers out there have had experiences online where some users microphones have given terrible feedback, well now, help is at hand from Sony's latest Firmware update in the shape of an Echo Canceller.

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Bren863785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

They prob didn't mention is because its useless. The setting is not available for the headset that needs it (official ps3 headset) but the setting is available for my USB headset that doesn't need it. Plus who's gonna find it tooked away deep in the settings? It should be part of the process when syncing headsets to the PS3.

Chuk_Chuk3785d ago

i think the official headset has it built in

Bren863785d ago

If it has then it doesn't work.

No FanS Land3785d ago

you do know that the official headset has to be USB synced and not bluetooth synced the first time you use it?

NoBias3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I'm sorry but not being able to play the two games that I want to today is really REALLY frustrating me. This 3.0 is killing my love for the PS3 right now. I'm trying to play through and beat Uncharted so I can be ready for the story in Uncharted 2 and the thing just froze on me on a part that took forever and I lost my save. I'm done trying to play the stupid game now.

What kinda Slant 6-esque update is this Sony?

Test your firmware before you release it... Especially test it on your FIRST PARTY GAMES!! Absolutely ridiculous...

EDIT: I don't mean I'm done trying to beat Uncharted but damn, when you really want to play a game and your not sure if the system if going to freeze and start you over again, it's stupidly frustrating! That means i'll have to put this game off (which I want to play really badly) until Sony gets their act together and fixes this ridiculous 3.0 update... I'm sorry but in my situation right now (if they don't get this patched quick) this firmware was a fail in my eyes.

Honestly, I'm shutting off my PS3 until an update happens because I'm gonna end up throwing a controller. I'll be on LIVE until this PS3 wants to act like it can play games again. I guess you get what you pay for... Sorry but I'm severely annoyed at this console right now and with all reason to be.

n4gno3785d ago

What a drama queen, only for some problem with 1 or 2 old games.

everybody knows that a 3.01 is coming, only a few days after the p3.00 (no problems with it) but you have to act like if sony have killed your mom.

shadow27973785d ago

It froze once and you're throwing in the towel? You do know Uncharted occasionally froze before the update don't you? Actually Uncharted auto-saves after pretty much every wave of enemies, so it really shouldn't be too much trouble to play a part again. Are you playing on Crushing? I could understand your frustrations there. Don't give up though, it's a great game and you can do it!

aiphanes3785d ago

I got two of them a Slim and a Phat...and both are have 3.0 Firmware installed...and I have found no problems...heck even now I have both folding...

I gotta say the Slim is bad azzed! It is so quiet....even in intense is quiet as a mouse trying to get some cheese!

The way the buttons light up on the front are killer!
I have been stress testing it for a issues...

TheReaper423785d ago

Same here, it's probably your electricity voltage. Each country has a differen't one doesn't it? Maybe that's the cause of your problem. I never had any issues with mine other than running out of memory opening too many web pages.

DaTruth3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

This is good. Whenever I was having problems with my old mic(jabra), people would listen to it for so loooong, until they got pissed; Instead of just asking, or stating "something is wrong with your mic", they commence to swear their faces off at you, even when dropping out of your squad would almost completely solve their problem. At which point I become reluctant and happy to let it burn a new hole in their ear.

Now I'm "official", so it's not a problem!

Mantiz3784d ago

Not the official headset, I've never had echo with that but the playstation eye has a 4 way directional microphone array that picks up voice and cancels out all other noise it works great but problem is it recognizes an echo the same as a voice, this should alleviate that great job SONY

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PhilipLarkin3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Don't really have an echo on my headset.

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InfectedDK3785d ago

Nice find.. Could be used with my PSEye.

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