Video Game Warzone #58

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode we debate about what is HD and what isn't. Hiphopgamer insists that 600p in not HD. The term sub-HD is toss around like it's an actual standard. Torrence insists that anything over 480(NTSC standard) or 525(PAL standard) lines of resolution is considered HD. We also get into a debate over whether FFXIII is really being dumbed down or not. Torrence takes time to smash PS3center and their claims against SE. Also on this show:

* Halo ODST trailer (Torrence)
* Gamesonsmash podcast (Torrence)
* Champions not Online (Chad B)
* What PS2 games would you like to see remade? (Braynbasher)
* PSPGo being the key to Sony selling more multiplatform titles (Hiphopgamer)
* Epic is rumored to be working on a PS3 exclusive (Hiphopgamer)"

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Sonyslave33789d ago

This nigga hiphop still believe epic is making a ps3 exclusive.LOL

Major_Tom3789d ago

For some god damn reason everytime I hover my cursor over approve story, it flings to the edge of the screen.

monkey nuts3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The term for the resolutions between (not including) 480p and 720p are what they call ED. Or in laymans terms Enhanced definition. And believe it or not its been around for a while and accepted as a standard in the industry. I used to have a EDTV with my ps2, GT4 looked the bomb running on some S- Video leads.

edit__Pal territory res is 576i if you wana edit it in.

tordavis3789d ago

Thanks for that correction. I forgot that 525i is NTSC and PAL was actually bigger.

Soldierone3785d ago

There is HD and NOT HD, your "sub HD" is NOT HD. If its lower than 720 its NOT HD. If your on a smaller screen then yes ill agree its HD, but NOT on a TV. Games with a native resolution of 720 and up are HD. If its below that, its STRETCHED and it loses detail. The black box around it is for a reason, because thats when its HD, the minute to stretch it its no longer HD. Even if your playing on a SD TV its not HD. If it WASNT HD then why do studios bother to program in native 720 and up? Why didnt they just stick with PS2 upscaling (at which is capable of upscaling to 720p)?