Wii, PS3 sales up, Xbox 360 neutral on Ebay

In the latest auction data, Wii increased four percent in the last two weeks to remain the most popular video game system on Ebay. The motion-sensitive console carried an average sale price of $360.36, a strong margin from its $250 retail price.

The Xbox 360 held the No. 2 position in the top-selling video game products, however, sales remained neutral with a zero percent increase in sales. The console carried an average sale price of $342.73.

The PS3 ranked third among new home consoles, however, it held an increase in sales by four percent in the same period. The PS3 carried an average sale price of $529.43.

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alsef074181d ago

Why are people paying more for a system that literally worth 250$ wtf???
It sisnt worth more, cmon it looks like the gamecube with a motion controller, maybe theres many grannies that like the system out there

kewlkat0074181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

and your actually right...Check this out?

Now when was the last time you seen Granny play an Xbox or playstation down in her son's basement.

SmokeyMcBear4181d ago

supply and demand and demand determine price point, especially on a true capitalist economy like ebay.

ItsDubC4181d ago

Grannies + grandpas + aunts + uncles + dads + moms + cousins + nieces + nephews + brothers + sisters - PS3 loyalists - 360 loyalists - current Wii owners = a lot of ppl still currently wanting a Wii.

fenderputty4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Why would someone pay 360$ prices for a Wii? I would rather have a 360 core and play Halo 3.

ITR4181d ago

When parents can't find a Wii in a store they go Ebay.

The Wii/DS Lite/iPod are big B'day presents this yr.

EB is selling bundles now in the $400-500 ranges and they are still selling out.

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alsef074181d ago

this just shows how stupid people are when they see short supply,

neogeo4181d ago

We are hardcore lamers. I mean gamers. WE as in I as in are only about 12% of the total market, from what I read. Sooooooo that leaves 88% Wii owners ready to buy a simply system that is quickly winning the WAR!