Downright Gamers Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy

Downright Gamers writes: "After fighting an oncoming anxiety attack while staring at the box, I finally worked up the courage to remove the ever so form fitting, and yet revealing, cellophane wrapping to see and feel the true beauty of my new Wii love. I slipped her out of her plastic sleeve feeling the cold from the metal rush though my body like getting hit with a charged energy shot. I couldn't believe the mixture of awe and attraction that I was experiencing. Finally, I opened her powerful metal armor to reveal the breathtaking insides I have longed to see. The fresh smell of plastic and printed booklet filled the air like a perfume. It was rather intoxicating. Then I saw the goods; the smooth round disc with smokin' hot cover art, the art book filled with wicked stellar sketches of Samus, creatures, and full color renderings of our amazing heroine and the awe inspiring landscapes of Aether and Tallon, and totally bad ass stills of Samus filling the inside of the metal case. Metroid fanatics wanted a collector's item; Nintendo gave it to them sevenfold..."

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