zConnection's Top Five Licensed Video Games (Of The 21st Century)

zConnection's Steve Kennedy writes: "It's a fairly widely-spread concept that all licensed games - whether they be based on a film, a book, or a sports tournament - suck. And most times, that proves true. Take a look at Iron Man, The Golden Compass and Transformers for a little sample of licenses gone wrong. Fortunately, however, game developers are starting to take the hint and licensed games are starting to become more original and enjoyable. We took a look at some of the more recent licensed games and decided on our five favourite."

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mrv3213794d ago

Batman Arkham Asylum???

I think Arkham Asylum is based loosely on a serious house on serious earth and these are the reason why...

Both based in Arkham Asylum
Both are darker than the normal Batmans
Both see the take over of Arkham by the Joker.
Both contain flashbacks to Amadeus(?)
Both contain pretty much the same characters.