PS3 gets Modern Warfare 2 Protest Chainmail

ConnectedConsoles: Last month a chainmail picture hit the PlayStation Network which was used to try and find out how fast messages travel through the network. Quite annoying. Now however, a protest has hit the PS Network about 2009's biggest game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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QuizPyro3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

it's okay to express how you feel, but whatever you & Bill Gates do at night should stay between yourselves

billbox20103786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Infinity Ward seems to prefer the Xbox 360 because ps3fanboys not play online.

ps3fanboys please stop the blame and buy the 360...

[email protected]

lmao in this pic

OmarJA3786d ago

ROFLMMFAO! QuizPyro...

@ billgatesxbox...

Another Bill Gates secret lover & coock sucker.

OmarJA3786d ago

Personally i never been a fond of the CoD series so i could care less about these sad people...

Here's something rather to cry about:


Zool 083785d ago

Patchstation, please stop showing us what you and Bill get up to behind close doors.

Tr10wn3785d ago

That's why i don't believe in everything post in here

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3786d ago

The maps are timed exclusive...>_>

Megaton3786d ago

Exactly. I've gotten 2 of these stupid things from people on my buddy list this morning. Gonna start deleting people who send me this crap. There's a real reason to rage against Activision over MW2, and this is absolutely not it.

Sibs3786d ago

We should be hating on Activision, not Infinity Ward...

y0haN3786d ago

The fact that console players are practically taking it up the ass just to play it (£45/£70/£120 for regular/hardened/prestige) should be reason enough to demand these maps FREE for all.

sack_boi3786d ago

I don't see X360 gamers b!tching about the Joker DLC or Mirror's Edge's DLC...
These people really need to STFU or buy a X360.

raztad3786d ago

I have to agree with sack_boi. This is unbelievable.

Back to KZ2.

Einhander3785d ago

Why would people want map packs that early anyways? Usually you get them when you get bored of the original maps.

cLiCK_sLiCK93785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

"I don't see X360 gamers b!tching about the Joker DLC or Mirror's Edge's DLC...These people really need to STFU or buy a X360."

I get what your trying to say, but you also have understand that both of those games you mentioned arent as big as Modern Warfare 2. So yes. It is a big deal, since we have to wait even longer for some maps which are most likely going to be on the disc anyway. And on top of that, we have to pay an extra $10 for MAPS being made alongside the actual game.

AND NO. Im not buying a 360 just because of some timed exclusive maps. That would be stupid.

3785d ago
Rocket Sauce3785d ago

"I don't see X360 gamers b!tching about the Joker DLC or Mirror's Edge's DLC...
These people really need to STFU or buy a X360. "

They should b!tch about it. When these companies announce exclusive content like that, it's like giving the finger to half of your fanbase. It's almost worse when it's timed like Modern Warfare 2 is - you know it's coming eventually, but they just have to dangle that carrot in front of your face for a few months.

But this is a half-assed way of protesting. Getting a ton of people to not play the game at all for a couple of days is more likely to send a message. The way they're doing it now is probably just telling Activision that they're addicts and they're gonna buy MW2 no matter what.

mfwahwah3785d ago

Life isn't fair.

Besides, 1 year from now you'll all forget about all of the exclusive stuff. You'll move on to bigger and better games.

Do you want your memories to be of hate, protest, and crying; or do you want your memories to be of fun and good times, despite being "held back" by some extra maps? I know what my choice is.

y0haN3785d ago


IW's community manager calls BS!

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ali3123786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

OOOOHHH exclusive map pack, like this will really bother me!

I only bought map pack for CODWAW for nazi zombies, the gameplay element in MW2 is going to remain the same!

Anyways it will be Activision's loss as how many people will want to download outdated maps. PS3 owners will have plenty of other games to keep them occupied i.e God of war, MAG GT5 etc etc etc

MastaMold3786d ago

call of duty has been coming out every year since 2006 it is the Madden Football of FPS so it = crap, Activision = crap, same can be said for guitar hero also = crap, why do people keep buying crap or sh!t, i'll stop using the other word now

Rifle-Man3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

*Sigh* Microsoft, how about you try making your own exclusives instead of just throwing wads of cash at third-party companies. Then I'd have a reason to pick up an Xbox instead of just being pissed that I'm being deprived of content on my console of choice.

y0haN3786d ago

So you cave in and buy their console.

Rifle-Man3786d ago

Yeah, but I'm not going to pick up an Xbox just for timed DLC, or any DLC for that matter. When it comes to games on the 360 that I'd like to play, only the Gears of War series comes to mind.

TheBand1t3786d ago

Joker DLC and Mirror's Edge DLC.

LukaX233786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Here's exactly what I wrote to all my friends who sent me this on the PSN (here's one useful thing about 3.00, copy and paste):

"The 360 is just getting the DLC first. We'll be getting the exact same things, just not as early as the 360 version. So whoever wrote that message is basically a retard."

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