Ode to a Virtual Penis writes, "Now I'm not saying I want to see any Sonic Porn (the furries have that covered). Nor am I saying I need to see Master Chief naked (though it would make videos like these even more amusing). If gaming ever wants to be taken seriously as an art-form though it needs to grow up, remove it's head from the sand, and learn how to cope with the birds and the bees."

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thedisagreefairy3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

i really can do just fine without seeing a virtual d!ck in any game i buy

but i guess thats just me

i like how u resort to assuming im trapped in a closet cuz i said i could live without seeing a penis in the games i play.

let me say it in a different way for u, i can live without seeing genitals in the videogames i play. if there is one, i wouldnt exactly care, but if theres not then ill be perfectly fine without it.

i dont need to see a guys balls to have a good gaming experience

Arsenic133788d ago

Not secure enough of your sexuality to see a penis and just not care?

RoyBoys3788d ago

how is adding nudity to videogames making it more mature? thats stupid