COD4 Gamers Outraged

Infinity Ward recently created a new patch for Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. What was it, and why has this "ticked off" gamers?

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Raf1k13790d ago

How can you complain about it if u cheat?

I don't see anything bad about this patch.

mrv3213790d ago

But people can pull the trigger quicker than the patch allows. So you in effect stopping people with skill from being as skillful.

MisfitSmurf3789d ago

i cant even play the game anymore :/ whenever i try to join a game or party i get "downloading game settings" and it just stays on that screen.

kalebgray923789d ago

unless you like arcadish games then this is fine.... nothing wrong with this patch


Gears of War 2 need a patch for its hammerburst modded control cheaters can unleash all ammo at once on a target relly frustrating.

Winter47th3789d ago

Smurf, this's a constant pain even before the patch, but it's easy to fix, restart your router.

Gray, COD4 isn't even 'trying' to be realistic.

MisfitSmurf3789d ago

i've tired it.
restarted the router, changed from wireless to wired, etc. cant get it to work.

flash743789d ago

I think this patch is long overdue. Is sucks that it slows down the legit players with a fast trigger finger, but let's face it, the number of modders far and away exceeds skilled players who really love using semi's. COD4 has been plagued by these idiots, and the only blame for this lays at there feet. I hope they feel there way-overpriced cheat controller was worth it. Hopefully, they implement this in MW2, with maybe a slightly shorter delay to try and appease those of us skilled enough to fire that fast.

BulletToothtony3789d ago

i had the exact same problem as you.. i went to restart my router AND modem...

Leave them both unplugged for 30 seconds and it should work.. i can't believe that worked.. cause i could play killzone2 no problem.. anyhow.. good luck and let us know if it works..

Deputydon3789d ago

How does spraying with a pistol take skill?

evrfighter3789d ago

I scrimmed with guys who used scripts for this on the pc. It absolutely makes no difference skill wise in a scrim or match. What does take skill is consistent 1click's.

1 shot 1 kill.

Do console gamers suck that much to the point where they'd need this?

Deputydon3789d ago

In Short, Yes, yes they do.

CaptainKratos3789d ago

that sucks!!! i always use the G3 and my finger is pretty fast!!! legit!!!no cheating especially with the G3!!!! Man this sucks!!!....wait i dont even play COD4 but if i did this would just ruin it for

mfwahwah3789d ago


Martyrdom is unrealistic.

You know what else is unrealistic? Getting shot 5 times, then hiding behind a crate, then getting shot 5 times, then hiding behind a crate, then... you get it.

This game isn't an advanced murder simulator. It's a video game.

Max Power3789d ago

martyrdom is that it is realistic if the person has the grenade in their hand with out the pin while shooting, and when they die they drop the nade, that is the gist of it.

andron3789d ago

With the amount of cheaters in Cod4 online recently, they probably made up a quick fix without thinking it all the way through.

I wonder how their support on CoD4 will be when MW2 drops?

shadow27973789d ago

Weapons balancing anyone? It doesn't really matter if you cheat or not, when the semi-auto weapons fire too fast, they create a severe advantage and you end up with gameplay that is unbalanced. IW released a patch intending to balance things a bit.

Personally, I like using the weaker weapons. One, because I want to get all the challenges (which many of you have probably already done). Two, because it's a challenge.

If you're angry, maybe you should aim a bit more carefully with the fewer shots you have.

vhero3789d ago

If you leave because of this patch your either a cheater or need to grow up!

Sarcasm3789d ago

Man, things like this makes me embarrassed to be a gamer.

Whatever happen to the good old days when you just played a game? No constant b*tching and whining about every tiny minuscule change.

mfwahwah3788d ago


100% of the time though? Yeah, it can be explained realistically, but it's not realistic, in my eyes.

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Gen0Noob3790d ago

It also means that no matter how fast you pull the trigger, its only going to fire so fast.

killa916063789d ago

I can do the 6 Burst M16 Shot Now :)

josh143993789d ago

i see nothing wrong with this patch. its a good thing because it reduces cheaters. and who cares if you cant shoot the gun as fast because if you are accurate at shooting you wont need to shoot so fast anyway

tdogchristy903789d ago

I agree with you completely. It just means that it's more "realistic" and forcing you to be more skilled. I personally don't play online but I definately do think that this is a good thing. One you get rid of hackers and two you make it so people can't take "advantage" of the controls by spamming, which you could argue is a form of hacking. It just makes it more realistic, even, and more simpler gameplay.

morganfell3789d ago

I am ambivalent about the patch as I haven't played the game in some time.

But it is not realistic. Unless in a move to break contact, such as an Australian Peel, even Elite units engage with semi-auto fire. The standard is to double tap each target and then index the next target. When the last target is down you re-index previous targets.

In more extreme cases a failure drill is used. A failure drill is where the target fails to go down so you fire a double tap center mass and a third rapid fire round to the head. A well trained person will make this sound almost like a 3 round burst.

There is a big difference between a double tap and what is known as a controlled pair. A controlled pair is two single shots separated by time as the sight picture is realigned. In a double tap you use one sight picture for both shots. Though a controlled pair is slower it is still faster than 5 seconds when conducted by a well trained individual. This phrase:

Pop pause Pop

takes longer to read than a controlled pair does to be fired.

IW's intent was sound but their execution is flawed.

tdogchristy903789d ago

this issue id have isn't with double tapping it's more with when people use the controller in such a way that allows them to get around certain things. Kind of like a hacker using software to get around something but instead your using hardware (the controller) to get around something. I.E. spamming the hell out of a button.

morganfell3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The fact is now you can no longer double tap. If you can't do that then it certainly isn't realistic. It isn't realistic to fire single shots together as in a double tap with a .5 second pause unless you are Sniping. Even then with systems such as an SPR-80 it may occur you are in a situation where you are rapidly engaging short range (300m or less) targets. There isn't an SPR-80 in the game, I am merely pointing out that even with sniping the right situation requires faster than .5 second paused shots.

You said that IW's patch made things more realistic and that isn't the case. Preventing double taps and even controlled pairs removes realism. Yes it stops the hackers but it removes realism.

Having to use full auto weapons if you want more than 1 round every .5 seconds certainly is far outside the realm of realism. What IW, like most other devs fail to realize is that situations balance a game, not weapons. There was a better way to handle this and IW blew it.

thor3789d ago

Morganfell it's POINT 5 seconds, as in, half a second.

Still a little long but not as extreme as you're making out!

3789d ago
danielle0073789d ago

I thought it was .5 second..

It's decent, imo, I have a friend with a modded controller, and I hope he's crying over this. :)

tdogchristy903789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The average reaction time is .30 seconds, only .20 seconds off of the .5 seconds. Thus this really should be much of an issue

morganfell3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I know it is POINT 5 seconds. Excuse the punctuation. I am not being extreme as .5 seconds is the difference between life and death. And I meant to say - and have edited in the point - you conduct a failure drill in less than .5 seconds.

And the reaction time you mention is for the unskilled. Skilled military shooters are a bit faster.

It's machts nichts as the issue isn't reaction time, it is the time it takes to put out rounds once reaction has begun.

danielle0073789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I'm not a nitpicker, I was pretty sure you meant .5, but I wasn't sure.

And it's not that big of a time lag, but I guess it could put a cramp on the uber elite, but I think it's better to put a tiny cramp on the small minority of the uber elite in order to squash out all cheaters.

I mean, I think my friend with the modded controller is pathetic, and to cramp his style of pretending to be uber elite, seems definitely worth it. :)


well shes informed plus who wouldnt agree lol

morganfell3789d ago


I agree if it had to be one or the other then it would be better to cramp the hackers. But I don't believe it was necessary. Had the balance have been correct in the first place and real military advisor been on board - Kersey is a joke, an Officer that was used to sitting on his butt, and everyone at Bragg knew this. They should have hired the guy that was doing work for Ubisoft.

danielle0073789d ago

I can see that, morgan.

But, just look on the bright side, those pathetic kids with the modded controllers are much more upset than you are right nows. Just keep their tears in mind & cheer up, buttercup. :]

morganfell3789d ago

If you look at my quote from 4.2 you'll see why it doesn't affect me in the least :)


it can be annoying to the legit players and it does make a difference.

for example. I use the M16 most of the time, and while most of the time one shot is a kill, when you got lag going on + juganoob, quite often you do find you need to be fast and fire more then one shot/burst.

with the m16, i use to be able to take out 3 - 4 guys if i was in a night spot, point shoot, point shoot, point shoot... but now i usually only end up killing 2 at most before the third gets me, i mean by the time he shoots me i am aiming at thim, but limited by my shots i just can't fire fast enough to get the kill. its annoying because i know technically i was faster and would have taken him out.

however, is much as it is a little hold back, i prefer it to letting the noobs with modded pads run free and spoil the game for everyone.

what i have noticed as well is the shot guns seem to be more powerfull. I don't know if its just me, but i seemed to be getting killed more and more by people with shot guns from half way cross the map.

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kevinx10003789d ago

aw, i liked spamming my desert eagle.

thetruthinator3789d ago

Yeah that was the best. If only they could work in some sort of a patch that recognized rhythmic shooting ( modded controllers) instead of slightly erratic shooting (people), what a wonderful world it would be.