Are These Girls In Your Game?

GB writes: "Which women would you like to see as a game character? Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie? Or just some random stunner? Most male players prefer to see beautiful women or famous women that they are in control of running around dark, creepy dank forests or running through a lovely, deep blue river getting wet and tired. Although some may find it to girly, others on the other hand love it, imagine someone in love with Pamela Anderson and you go to their home, imagine them playing resident evil were the main character is Pamela Anderson, that would be every Pamela Andersons lover?s dream controlling their hottie in a violent killing spree killing anything in her path."

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Dan GamingBolt3793d ago

there are too many great looking women that can fit in games.

gameseveryday3793d ago

so folks what do you think abt the article? Do u feel disappointed when your favorite actresses are not interpreted well in video games?

Dan GamingBolt3793d ago

i actually changed my mind, when you think about it there isn't 1 celebrity women that doesnt have a video game character that looks just like her, lol..

i mean the kapoera girl from tekken looks just like jessica alba...

Nihilism3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

i don't care what anyone says, angelina jolie is ugly as f^#<, she's a cross between Pocahontas and Skeletor...not cool.

The only people I wanna see digitized are: Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman

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