Final Fantasy XIII at TGS: What to Expect

With the game promised for a 2009 release over in Japan by the time the Tokyo Game Show rolls around on the 24th September, there'll barely be 3 months before the game is released unless - horror of horrors - it gets delayed. Here's RPGSite's list of what to expect from Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII at and in the run-up to the Tokyo Game Show.

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foxtheory3789d ago

I bet they'll show off the new demo from Gamescom even more, and I'm very sure a release day will be announced as well, at least for Japan for sure. I don't want a new story trailer, but I REALLY want some new gameplay videos. The Advent Children demo isn't enough, a nice 5-10 minute gameplay video would keep me satisfied. As for Versus and Agito, we can only hope more news is released. Versus gameplay would be greatly, GREATLY appriciated!! It's time they at least showed us some gameplay screens for that.

Lavalamp3789d ago

Here's hoping that they give us at least something from Versus.