Forza 3 Sydney Media Event Photos from OXCGN

OXCGN attends the media event for Forza 3 in Sydney. Over 150 photos from the day showing the different aspects of the event, the tracks we played, the V8 Supercar Drivers having some fun, the Media Jocks (self included) pretending to be serious drivers and of course, the beautiful cars on display from FPV and HSV and Lamborghini. Includes some pics of the amazing racing cockpit setups for us try out for the authentic Forza 3 experience.

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REALgamer3785d ago

...It's that Microsoft know how to put on a show for their games.

Wish I could get to these events, looks like an awesome time.

TrevorPhillips3785d ago

This is great I cannot wait for Forza 3, GT5 and GT psp :)

poindat3785d ago

This is how it should be. We are all racing fans, regardless of whether you can play all the games or just the one for your respective console.

Forza is looking great. I'm getting jealous of you Xbox owners! :D

3785d ago
green3785d ago

Glad to see Microsoft promote the forza franchise this time around.Great shots OXCYGN and i can't wait to play this beauty in October.

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The story is too old to be commented.