Nintendo not so thrilled with this new iPhone app

Nintendo has decided to take action against one iPhone application.

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KeenanTheSavage3789d ago

any company would have done the same thing seeing an app like this on the iphone and ipod touch.

FarEastOrient3789d ago

Oh shoot my PSP plays Nintendo games ^_^

Trevorthenerd3789d ago

my wii plays ps1 games ^_^

sinncross3789d ago

lol thats a pretty neat app though :)

MasterChief36243789d ago

I downloaded it before they took it down from the app store a couple weeks ago, and it is really fun to play around with. A tad bit on the expensive side at $5, but still really fun to play with.

Also humorous is the fact that they have a disclaimer when you start it up that says something along the lines of "This product is not trying to replicate the look of any actual console" or something like that.

Pretty funny :P

A bit sad they're getting legal action taken against them, but they should have anticipated it.

But at least it doesn't play ROMs, or this suit could get mega nasty, mega quick.

DlocDaBudSmoka3789d ago

for that awesome south park reference.

knox3789d ago

i got that reference

keysy4203789d ago

you cant rip off the ds like that good try though

Quadrix3789d ago

Looks pretty cool, but making a DS background was kind of a dumb idea. I would have preferred just having the two screens, but using the space they used to make the DS background to make the 2 screens bigger.

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