WorthPlaying Xbox 360 Review: Wolfenstein

Let me give you all a history lesson on what really happened during WWII. You see, the Nazis were constantly researching occult powers and dark mysticism to create supersoldiers who would decimate the Allied force and pave the way to world domination. Thankfully, we were all saved by the heroics of B.J. Blazkowicz, the ruggedly handsome American secret agent who foiled the Third Reich again and again. At any rate, that's the history that the Wolfenstein franchise would like you to believe, and with a game this entertaining, I'm inclined to edit a few textbooks.

This particular adventure places Blazkowicz in the fictional German city of Isenstadt. It seems that the latest Nazi scheme involves tapping the supernatural powers of another dimension, known as the Black Sun, and using the energy gleaned to give the Axis army the extra edge needed to finally win this blasted war. It isn't long before Blazkowicz finds himself in possession of an artifact known as the Thule Medallion, which lets him access the plane between dimensions known as the Veil. The medallion also grants its owner numerous powers, and armed with his own bit of sorcery, B.J. blasts his way through the German hordes to claim victory once more.

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