Top 5 Forgotten Games of 2008

From That Aussie Game Site: A good game going to waste is such a shame and 2008 was one of the worst years for good games being largely ignored. What with the mighty Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War, Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4 and a lot of other big named titles coming out some games unfortunately seemed to get lost in the mix. This is a list of the best games that did just that. If you notice a trend most of them were holiday releases; maybe that shows why we have so many games that were delayed from the holiday season this year that are now coming early 2010. So look for another one of these articles in 2011. But if you're looking for a good game for cheap right now consider these games. Yes that's right, its top 5 time again!

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DoFuss3785d ago

Think you just listed my top five games. Have and love all of these. The fact Dead Space only shifted 1 million units is just sad and I can only hope that Mirrors Edge gets a sequel.

mastiffchild3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I have still got them all and have finished them all too. Farcry2 wasn't all that as driving got soo damn boring I ended up doing nothing but tear through the world between missions never stopping for ANYTHING! PoP was a bit cack as well and ME was a great idea, well executed in parts and not so well in others whuich led to a game which could have been amazing but, in the end, was only a pleasing diversion from the norm.

VC and DS, however, are definitely among my favourite games full stop and only behind MGS4 for last year. Funny that here on N4G tese aren't ignored at all as many of us played them but I really had to look for VC and I'm upset at Sega for feeling that there isn't the market out here for their games on PS3(hence the next on PSP and NO yakuzas3 and Kenzan! for the west!)when they don't market anything but awful Sonic games and the Wii games they seem to forgive for selling less than what Y1 or 2 or VC did! VC would have sold AT LEAST twice as many if a, the demo didn't stink and b, if they advertised and stocked it anywhere!

Conversely Madworld(not knocking the game as I loved it even if it's way too short)was everywhere yet they state their inmtent to keep supporting those titles out here while we wait for a simple subtitle patch so we could import the latest two Yakuza games and they could vebefit from cheap localisation and PS3's region free games! Off topic slightly I know but the main reason noone bought VC is because, imo, it was hard to find and noone knew it existed except us that read the press. It's even more galling that Sega won't even anawer any emails on the Y3 subject even from fans who had to scour the shops to play the first two games in the series! What about our support Sega? We only want to give you our money-so why not make it possible?

Vest really forgotten game I played(as I don't really count these) was Zack and Wiki on the Wii which I found really good and a nicely different kind of game for me.

Information Minister3785d ago

I have every game on that list except for Far Cry 2 and I loved every single one of them. I was really surprised by how gorgeous Prince of Persia can be. And I'm glad that a sequel for Mirror's Edge is already on the works. Gives me hope that the future of gaming isn't filled with motion controls and casual games.

Perhaps I should pick up a copy of Far Cry 2...

militant073785d ago

where is Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolt?

Im currently playing it and almost got my 1000G, its so beautiful, fun and very creative.

Its take around 20~30hrs to complete, which is pretty long.

I recommand you to give the game a chance!

Aquarius3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles is behind Uncharted as my favourite game this gen so far. I will never sell it.

It touches on so many things. Its PERFECT. ( am I allowed to say that ;-) Well is has no glitches ( bare mininum ) unlike some games which likes to eat away at your HDD for patches.

From the moment I turned on the game I could feel that the game would be AWESOME? Well the story does start off a bit shallow but when it opens up, it becomes addictive. I couldn't help myself from turning does pages to find out what happened next. The story has so much twists and unexpectedness I was surprised. And you know what? It only just got better and better and better. It even has its humour too.

I was literally playing non-stop for two weeks, just to finish the game because I was HOOKED. It was because of the STORY, its PRESENTATION, getting to KNOW the characters OVERTIME that made me fall in love with the game. The hand-drawn graphics is AMAZING. The CGI is FANTASTIC. Oh my gosh, I'm running out of words to say :D

I don't know but SEGA should not have released that demo because it didn't give the game a proper exposue whatsoever and if it wasn't the demo it was the trophies ofcourse.

I'm glad I actually got to experience the full game and I would love the sequel ( ON THE PS3!!!!! ): Since it is a chronicle.
If SEGA were to add trophies to the game in an update, I'm sure plenty more people would pick it up. Especially all of those so-called trophy-hunters lol. Look what happened to Uncharted last year. It got trophies and it went up in sales and I'm sure SEGA would love that. Trophies was what made me get Uncharted ( and when I got through that demo section I LOVED IT ) I never knew alot about Uncharted, so don't jump on me.

The 20 Medals in the game can be added as secret trophies and SEGA can add 30 more making the total 50. Not too much, not to little, its perfect. SEGA please do this...
( I'm still not even bored of the intro. I watch it to the end all the time before I start the game ) plus you've made an engine for this already!!!!!

foxtheory3785d ago

I wish these all sold better, they're all great!

And we need a Dead Space sequel. Not the on-rails Extraction, but a true Dead Space 2. The atmosphere in that game was unbelievable!! The concept, gameplay, and graphics were spot on as well. Hopefully Visceral does Dead Space 2 after Dante's Inferno, another great looking games that probably will be on the "Top 5 Most Forgotten Games of 2010". It will most likely be overlooked because of God of War 3's close release. I wish for that not to happen, but I can just see it now.

patterson3785d ago

I agree Valkyria Chronicles and Dead Space should have gotten better sales. Both games are very solid in all aspects.

I liked the art style of Mirrors Edge but the gameplay had me feeling nauseous.

Far Cry? Meh another FPS as far as I'm concerned. Dime a dozen.

Prince of Persia looks beautiful but I heard the gameplay was too easy and short so I didn't bother picking it up for full price.

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