5 Playstation 3 Games Not To Buy In 2009

There are some games that excel way above the rest and there are some that no one buys and falls into lists like these. We give you 5 PlayStation 3 games that you should never even think about buying.


Title changed to "5 Games Not To Buy In 2009".

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Madusha3795d ago

Anyone even heard of #1 before? I definitely haven't.

Tachyon_Nova3795d ago

I have, I think it has a score of like 18/100 on metacritic or something like that. Anyway, terminator from what I've heard is a pretty good game, but I haven't played it myself.

peeps3795d ago

really? from what i heard terminator can be completed in about 4 hours and has terrible glitches/ graphical glitches (watch the comparison video's to see that both versions of the game are terrible lol)

hay3795d ago

I'm huge Terminator fan, and by huge I don't mean Gabe-Newell-Huge, but Terminator Salvation game is terrible. I had to reinstall it three times in order to get it work, weapons feel like ASG, terminators look a bit plastic and game is short as hell. Not worth more than 15$ imo.

sunnygrg3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The title is a bit misleading. All those titles are also available on the 360.

zeeshan3795d ago


vhero3795d ago

Agreed this could also be a not to buy for 360 category. What more proof do we need that 360 fanboys are scared of PS3's exclusive games catalogue than this?

caliman873795d ago

I am sure they play bad over in xbox land too. But, then again, maybe they have games worse than these.

FamilyGuy3795d ago

I noticed it didn't say exclusives and then checked it out and low and behold, not a single ps3 exclusive in the list. Good job with the BS title. Are they saying these games are okay on the 360 or what?

Either way, was never interested in any of these titles to begin with.

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Chris3993795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I'm a firm believer in exclusives (for any system) over mutlis. Especially with games costing around $70 after tax (Canadian), I can't be slinging around cash on trash games. Only mutli that I bought NEW this year was Batman: AA, only on account of it being $40, and having such rave reviews (but journalists have their heads so far up their asses and get so high on hype/ money/ marketing this gen, that you can never fully trust their opinions). For everything else, it's the bargain bin or a used copy.

Final Fantasy and Darksiders come to mind as 2010 discount purchases. As good as these games could be (well, FFXIII looks less appealing the more I see of it), I just can't risk the buyer's remorse with so many great exclusives coming out over the next 12 months that are more worthy of my dollars.

mastiffchild3795d ago

I noticed none were exclusives either so the title's totally misleading and should include either "multi plats" or PS360 in there for more accuracy.

Cannot agee about FF13 OR Darksiders, at least not yet, as FF13 will prolly be a good game even if it can't push the PS3(or 360 for that matter) as hard as it would've ad it been exclusive still and Darksiders has really started to look much better after a "meh" kind of start. It's looking way more varied and interesting than the basic H/S game I'd imagined so the action game I'm doubing is Dante's Inferno which just seems to be a very naked GOW rip off-which neither I nor Kratos will be impressed with-hope I'm wrong, mind, as the Dead Space team did a fine job last time out AND that was a new IP as well.

I think that FF13 and Daeksiders might surprise you though fella-even if FF13 can't hope to reach the heights it once might've done SE could still pull something out of the bag for one of it's flagship franchises.

topdawg1223795d ago

This is trash, these are all multiplatform

WildArmed3795d ago

I dont think the author ment exclusives.

Just on the PS3 in general.
And i pretty much agree with the listed games.

Although Terminator might have some 'fun factor' in there somewhere.

Plus, I dont think any exclusives this year were disappointments or bad enough not to say dont buy em

El Botto3795d ago

5. Shadow complex
4. Flopza 3
3. Halo ODST
2. oops ran out of games.

36T3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

complete garbage across the board

da720izcumin3795d ago

please don't be a retard, the author has not mentioned the 360 at all, so if you were to disagree with the author;s list then you shouldd make one of your own, one that happen to be about ps3 games.

and it should look like this:

1)white knight chronicles (even japan didn't want this game!!!)

2)killzone 2 (even the hype didn't help, stats show most of n4g didnt buy this game!!!)

3)MAG (this is for future buyers, it's not that bad, it's just not that good.)

4)Infamous (whatever it did prototype did better, buy prototype, it's way crazier and fun at that.)

5)ummm, there just aren't enough exclusives to finish this maybe by next year.

btw, I am not here to argue or point fingers or call people names (idiot)....but seriously, this has nothing to do with the 360, let's be fair and keep it out of this.

Etseix3795d ago

sry bot, but WKC sold more than every xbox game ALONE,
how hard u can fail dude?

54percent3795d ago

all multiplats, the worthy ones and massive potential GotYs are PS3 exclusives as always

infekt3795d ago

Errr. thats "Halo STD" El Botto..

WildArmed3795d ago

lol @ da720izcumin n El botto.

those were the 2 saddest list i've seen

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Fishy Fingers3795d ago

Not sure why he choose to make it a PlayStation list when they're all multiplatform games. But he's right, I wouldnt play any of them.

Bazookajoe_833795d ago

Ive heard it was pretty good but only like 5 hours long. So maybe when it´s down at 20$ i can pick it up..

HDgamer3795d ago

It's an easy platinum.

Lou-Cipher3795d ago

A guy on my friends list just unlocked the Platinum Trophy in less than 8 hours.(Terminator Salvation)

If you can unlock the Platinum Trophy in less than 8 hours, then you know you could probably run through a single play through in about 2-4 hours.

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