Brink gameplay footage from PAX

Gameplay footage of Brink from the Penny Arcade Expo.

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deadpoole3789d ago

Niceee ... graphics are lookin better then many FPS available atm.

snipermk03789d ago

looks like one of the many corridor shooters available.

squadass993789d ago

graphics are meh at best. honestly if thats meant to be as good if not better than KZ2 than... well its not. and i hear the rendering technique they are using has a few flaws in it as well (as in it only renders what is on screen) if someone wants to turn up the rotation speed on the camera the rendering wont be able to keep up without:
B) possible crashing.
and C) if it doesnt crash or lag walking into blank non detailed areas.

SuperM3789d ago

For trying to say how good the game looks just from an offscreen low quality youtube video.

The only thing you can say after watching that is that the graphics are good. Its impossible to say how good, and its totally retarded to say that the graphics are bad. First i recommend you purchase a brain, then you may start commenting on N4G.

gaffyh3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Just watched it, and it looks good, but we really need a direct feed to make a proper judgment.

GameGambits3789d ago

I personally saw nothing in that gameplay footage that got me remotely interested in it. I will say though that the first teaser trailer they put out did get me interested in it simply because it seems like the storyline will be top notch.

I'll wait for less off screen footage to make a fair assessment of the gameplay, because this didn't do a thing.

crazy-eyez-killah3789d ago

Seriously..LOL at that comment......that's called a deferred render, and I assure you it will be able to keep up with the camera - ironically Killzone 2 also uses this rendering technique, which is one of the reasons it looks so good.

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3789d ago
Double Toasted3789d ago

is lead platform again, this settles things...go for the one in which the dev is holding the controller for.

Polluted3789d ago

Interesting. It's a lot more action oriented than I was expecting. Looks pretty cool, I guess. Be nice to see some HD footage. Can't be too far off now, I guess.

gameraxis3789d ago

sorry was i supposed to be jaded just because i like k2?

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The story is too old to be commented.