Plethora of new Squenix info from Squenix Party

1up brings details from Square Enix Party

Opened by Square Enix President, Yoichi Wada, 1up brings screenshots and details from:

Star Ocean Series: in which a remake of the first two games is in the works for PSP, and Star Ocean 4, which is presumably for PS3

Chocobo Series: New IP for Nintendo Wii

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: New IPs for Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy: New info in another version of FFXII

Last Remnant: New details about the game

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techie4490d ago

You're certainly a character :)

Bebedora4489d ago

Thank you, but no thank you. Aint there any better sites covering this? (I'm a lazy and anti-1up bum, I know)

calderra4489d ago

In other news:
Remakes of FF1-6 are headed to PSP and PSN, the remake of FF7 is rumored to have hit development, a remake of FFX-2 is in the beta stage, a remake of FFX will be started in the fall, a remake of FFXII has been announced for PS4, a remake of Dirge of Cerberus is headed to PSP...

And 7,345 spinoffs of FFXIII are now being developed by 432 different developers on 3 continents.

kewlkat0074489d ago

RE-HASHED, PORTS, SPIN-OFFS, and REMAKES. They are getting Stale IMO.

PS360WII4489d ago

Nice little teaser right there.

SE isn't all about ports and remakes now come on. If you guys want something new then you'd have to go out and buy the newer IP's out there and NOT buy the remakes or sequels. Oh wait no one does that. This is like complaining about the Pres and not voting.

kewlkat0074489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

just my opinion, plus how do you know others that feel the same way don't buy new IP's? Can't you see Western/European RPG's are getting better and JRPG's have been stale lately.(IMO) I know I'm not the only one that feels the same way I guess you'd say the same about EA.

You have the right to demand new offerings or at least make a little noise...I mean a lot of people are disgruntle with MS but they still use it, but it doesn't mean we don't want more out of them.

Last Remnant looks alright, well it's new but I wonder about the gameplay, since SQ have gotten rid of random battles and such. Currently playing FF12, it's very different then the others.

Nobody ever said SQ just plain sucks. Gamers will still play JRPG regardless but at least that's how I feel. I just don't swallow everything that comes out because it has SQEENIX written all over it..

PS360WII4489d ago

just haven't had my coffee yet ^.-

Yeah while the FF series does seem to be getting long in the tooth and new IP's seem to not do well. (there is another thread about that too)
I defiantly agree that we need more fresh ideas in the world and can't just expect the new halo, metroid, mario, FF, MGS, GTA or whatever. We need stuff that is like the Last Remenats or Dark Sector heck even a new platformer would be nice. Something without name recongnition.

Oh I'm upset with EA. They produce the same junk year in and year out and it sells very very well... what can you do. Def Jam was fun and my thoughts on it where spot on with the reviews: generic fighter but dang if it doesn't look good.

Western RPG's are starting to get a name for themselves which is great because the world DOES need more rpgs out there or at least different dev teams. Square Enix is almost a monopoly with it's RPG land so yeah Mass Effect, Oblivion, and others are more than welcome.

kewlkat0074489d ago

I remember what FFVII did to me when I first played it. Then again it was unexpected, so I'm hoping someday I will play a Next-Gen RPG that does the same, but I have no expectation so I won't be disappointed. Gamers have to much expectations these days, and set themselves up.

FFVII had great story, graphics at the time, and it really caught me by surprised, and loved the materia system. Since FFVII, besides the Dragon Quest series, which is like a religion in Japan, the FF series have not had huge sale numbers. Which leads me to believe something did change when Hironobu Sakaguchi departed.

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