Mini Ninjas Review by JPS

JPS Writes: "MINI Ninjas is not for the hardcore gamer. After only a few hours I was bored and looking for something else to play. Do not expect a deep Ninja action in this game but rather expect a fun and easy Ninja adventure. If you are a looking for a refreshing game and a break from being too serious in gaming, Mini Ninjas is one of the games that will give you that break but beware of its repetitive gameplay!"

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Press_Agree3793d ago

Its obvious this website can not review as they this game has nothing to do with the guns in call of duty's fairy world.

Gambit073793d ago

Who the hell is going to buy this game anyway?

Smacktard3792d ago

People that might like genuinely good games?

madpuppy3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The game is a nice little platformer. and kinda' fun. I reminds me of "I, ninja" on the gamecube a little bit. for only 35.00 I will grab this. every game doesn't need to be some gore-fest or need to take itself too seriously or have some character named "soap" in it.

Wolfie3793d ago

Cute game but it seems it's not "day one" material.

The gaming GOD3793d ago

From Namco that is almost exactly like this game. Mini Ninjas isn't some game that will "wow" you for the most part. But it is good for temporary fun