Crackdown: Possibly the best DLC we've ever seen

New vehicles, weapons, equipment, game modes and more for Realtime Worlds' excellent city-slicker.

Those crafty chaps at Realtime Worlds have finally detailed the downloadable content we can expect for their excellent free-roaming crime-stopper Crackdown - and is it just us or is this the best DLC line-up for any game, ever?

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Diselage4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

This is a repost, please report.

Waffle-boy4232d ago

You are probably right, but the title suggests that its an article on DLC in general, and how its such a big update.

But it is, in a nutshell, a repost.

Black Republican4232d ago

can someone paste the details please, or pm me please
i'm at work and the damn linked is blocked