TechUnion: Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

Ali writes: "Whether you are new to the franchise or new to the series or even new to the Wii, Metroid Prime Trilogy is definitely a game you want to pick up. For a low price you can have 3 amazing games to play and add to your collection. Without a doubt Metroid Prime Trilogy is the best game that has come out this year and one of the best compilations ever put together."

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EvilTwin3792d ago

I am honestly kinda flabbergasted how this collection hasn't gotten more perfect scores. Three triple-A titles for the price of one (with upgraded controls and visuals) get low-to-mid-90's? Eh, maybe I'm too biased about Metroid to be objective.

NewNameNow3792d ago

Same here, I'd rate all three games 9+ out of 10 so this collection deserves a perfect score.

Also I liked MP2 the most I don't care what anyone says. For me its

matm6663792d ago

This game hasn't gotten more perfect scores because is not offering anything extra aside for wii controls, for those who already own the games. But, surely doesn't deserve lees than a 9