Tekken : Dark Resurrection Review

Since the launch of the Playstation Portable, Namco has pretty much established themselves as the technical kings of the platform. From Ridge Racers to Katamari Damacy, they've shown that they could not only create outstanding graphics and sound on the system but even allow players to record their saves without dealing with the generic PSP OS save screen. The Tekken franchise is also long known for being a graphical showcase series on Sony systems, so when Tekken Dark Resurrection was announced for the PSP, many wondered if they could really pull it off. After all Tekken 5 is one of the more impressive looking fighters for the PS2 console, can the PSP really handle a port of the enhanced arcade upgrade to Tekken 5?

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OutLaw5801d ago

I'm definitely buying this for my PSP.

JIN KAZAMA5801d ago

It blocked at my work. Can Anyone tell me, if this game will have Wi-Fi Infrastructure fighting. Meaning, will i be able to play someone across the country, or is it only Ad-Hoc????