HALO 3: ODST Features an Expansive Secondary Story

Destructoid: Bungie has been working with Fourth Wall Studios to make "Sadie's Story," a secondary story that will be presented within ODST about the life of New Mombasa resident named Sadie during the final hours before the city is destroyed (as occurred in Halo 2).

Not much was revealed about the story except a few flashes of images, but the story was written by Bungie lead writer and ODST Creative Director Joe Staten and Fourth Wall, and they both collaborated with well known comic artist Ashley Wood.

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Saaking3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Still not worth it. I have a serious question though. Can you play Halo 2 (the Xbox version) on the 360 and does Halo CE on the marketplace upscaled to HD?

Kamikaze1353785d ago

Yes you can play the Xbox version of Halo 2 and no, Halo CE doesn't upscale to HD. It plays at it's regular resolution.

GameOn3785d ago

Yeah you can still play the old Halo 2 on the 360. You can even play it on-line. Gotta love backwards compatibility, thank you Sony.

3785d ago
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Troll_Police3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Still need a lot more to be worth $60. You're basically re-buying Halo 3 multi-player, a 3 hour campaign, and fire fight with no matchmaking. If this was $29 then I'd buy it but there's no way I'm letting MS rip me off with this. I'm not paying for Halo 3 again.

General Jewels3785d ago

Halo ODST is a full-game now, you cant take it as this game will be awesome! sounds awesome! Full new campaign set in a open world, now with a huge secondary story, plus who knows other side missions and collectables in the campaign.

Plus Firefight with 10 Firefight maps! Halo 3 BTW came first with also 10 Multiplayer maps, thats alot of Maps. Then you have bonus Halo3 MM Disc With all the freaken maps! with 3 new ones! Plus Halo Reach Beta, it got more content then then any average failed games.

Halo ODST is going to be beast!

thor3785d ago

We all know that "campaign set in an open world" means that the whole game's going to take place around the same locations without much change in scenery. It is shorter than the original campaign, as well, and since open world games are usually LONGER because of said backtracking, I can imagine it will actually be quite small.

I am personally annoyed by all of these copycat "waves of enemies" modes appearing in games recently. The reason I say this is because it is very easily tacked onto a game. The AI's already done, the shooting mechanics are already done, all they need to add is a popup saying "WAVE 1" or whatever, and then get enemies to spawn off-screen. Compare with a single-player game where there are a few arena battles, but a lot of longer levels where you progress through. There require a lot more effort.

ODST is a typical example of freebie marketing. It doesn't really have that much new content, so throw in previous DLC maps, throw in a firefight mode, throw in a beta whilst you're at it. Fundamentally, there is a new, shorter campaign and the same multiplayer that Halo 3's always had. I honestly think many people will be disappointed when they play through the campaign in 4 hours, then head on into the multiplayer and think, "hang on, I could play this exact same game before I bought ODST".

kissmeimgreek3785d ago

actually your basically buying two brand new halo story modes, halo 3s multiplayer complete with every map pack inclding exclusive ODST ones which would cost 30 bux for halo 3 but are free with ODST), and the all new firefight mode. And with bungies history with halo 3 , theyll probbalbly support this gme for a long time to come. next time make sur you know your facs before trying to troll

QuantumWake3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I believe Marty from Bungie accidently said that the campaign would be 8-10 hours long.. Though, in my opinion, it could still be subjective at this point...


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Kushan3785d ago

I agree this isn't worth a full price tag, but you know what - that's ok. This wouldn't be the first game I've thought "I'd like to play that, but I'm not paying that price for it". I can happily wait a month or two for the price to drop to a level I'm willing to pay.
6months from now, it'll be £9.99 somewhere, you can be almost certain of that.

Cajun Chicken3785d ago

Theres always the way of the rental. I'm thinking of doing that with a lot of games due to financial reasons recently.

kissmeimgreek3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

i disagree. i believe that it startd as just an expansion pack, but i believe tha bungie have added enough features since then to call this a brand new game. i think tha the only reason why people still think it an xpansion is because its has halo 3 in its name (which i think is unneccesary) and the devs claims of it only being an expansion when it was announced.

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The story is too old to be commented.