Top 15 Consoles of All Time

Koku Gamer writes: "Well we at Kokugamer thought it was about time to make a Top 15 consoles of all time list and if you don't mind a few handhelds on this list then we will be giving you, our fans, a good list of the best consoles. The consoles will be judged in certain areas like: quality of hardware, quality of software, features brought to the generation it was introduced, lasting appeal, and finally the impact it made on the industry. So without further ado here is OUR Top 15 Consoles of All Time."

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PshycoNinja3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

This is the first time I've accualy been the first to comment. Now to accualy read the article.

Edit: Ok now that I have accualy looked at the article, The commercials are funny. Loved to Sega commercials, PS1 & PSP commercial. The PS2/God of War trailer/commercial was Epic!

Saaking3793d ago

What's so great about being the first to comment?

Ziriux3793d ago

Yea, please enlighten me guy. Lol, this isn't the forums, so mentioning that you're first means nothing. lolz.

PshycoNinja3793d ago

Nothing. Its just the first time I have accualy been first.

heroicjanitor3793d ago

They had the sense not to add current gen consoles to the list, since they haven't finished leaving their marks yet.

xabmol3793d ago

Loved to Sega commercials, PS1 & PSP commercial. The PS2/God of War trailer/commercial was Epic!

*how your comment should look*

iamtehpwn3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Is a much better than IGN's.

(Sorry Typo, edited and fixed. Thanks PsychoNinja.)

IzKyD13313793d ago

I guess because the first comment gets read the most or something....
ON TOPIC: This list sucked, they put the Genesis higher than the Dreamcast, the PSP higher than the DS (they put Doesn’t have many quality games as a reason it was bad).....they repeatedly put "Didn't impact the industry" as a reason a console was bad.

PshycoNinja3793d ago

What are you saying? Are you saying that this LIST is better then IGN's? If so then yes I agree.

Persistantthug3793d ago

I don't see your reasoning....

The Genesis was a more renowned console than the Dreamcast.

It had a longer lifespan, had more games, and sold more units.

I had, and still have both systems, and they both work to this day.

You may like the Dreamcast better, since it's newer, but in no way shape form or fashion can anyone with video game knowledge of history proclaim the Dreamcast was a more renowned console than the Genesis. You're offbase here....sorry.

Persistantthug3793d ago

But, I don't really care for the handhelds in the list....I'm just not a handheld fan, I guess.

Blaze9293793d ago

More like we at Kokugamer like to copy everything IGN does...

Game13a13y3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

although i think the SNES should be above the N64, and the Atari 2600 should be lower.

btw, have anyone noticed that all consoles made by Sony made it to the list with the only exception of PS3, and all consoles made by Nintendo made it on the list except Wii and the Virtual boy?

PshycoNinja3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )


Hey at least this site gave reasoning for why each console was where it was on the list. IGN's list was so far off that I dont want to read anything from that site again.

By all means if can make better list then IGN, I dont care if they copy.


Not to be mean but it says that they wern't including the current gen consoles on this list.

Information Minister3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I think you can get banned for posting a comment like that on this site. Besides no one likes people who do that. What exactly did you win for being first? The official title of "biggest spammer"?

ON TOPIC - No, the N64 was not better than the Dreamcast and certainly not better than the SNES. But I do like how the author avoided current gen consoles.

Celeras3793d ago

Much better than the IGNorant list.

GuruStarr783793d ago


I'M THE 71st person to comment, I've never been the 71st person to comment! Just wanted to be the 71st.....did I mention I'm the 71st? I already read the article, so I'm not as big of a douchebag as the first guy to comment........yay......I got mail!!!


imtiyaz63793d ago

Ofcourse its a better list than ign's. Don't even know what they were thinking by putting up such a crazy list,I mean c'mon 360 better than ps1???????

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Reibooi3793d ago

Finally a top list that doesn't default to Nintendo being number 1.

Personally I think there is just a bit to many Hand helds on there but that's just me.

Saaking3793d ago

It's hard not to put Nintendo on top. So many classics, but for me PS2 is always #1.

TVC153793d ago

i mean come on, they have PSP>DS

Worse than IGNs list

Saaking3793d ago

Much better than IGN's list. It's good you didn't put any current gen systems there. The only one I disagree with is placing the DS below the PSP. imo, the DS has had more unique and fun games, but that's just me. Overall excellent list.

Reibooi3793d ago

I would tend to agree about the DS and PSP thing however I think the mass amount of shovel ware the DS gets played a factor in it's place on the list. While the PSP gets some shovel ware it's not nearly as much as the DS.

Ziriux3793d ago

I agree with your comment Sakking and will give you a bubble however PSP games have shown to be more in-depth, while not always fun they have a variety in them. The DS has great little RPG's and smart games, but it seems the variety is not too different when it comes to comparing it to other titles. Although Pokemon alone makes it a supreme little handheld.

Saaking3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

True, the DS does get a LOT of shovel-ware; however, it has a lot of great games. A LOT more than the wii at least. Besides, if you're an RPG fan, there's no better gaming machine than the DS :)

Or maybe it's just I love Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon etc...

INehalemEXI3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

indeed, I would not of minded the current gen consoles being considered though.They could do another list a few years later and see if they climbed up spots, fell or remained the same.

topdawg1223793d ago

way too many gameboys, but besides that good list

The Newt3793d ago

I honestly dont see whats the big whoop about the PS2.

Saaking3793d ago

It had almost all of the greatest games last gen and at least for me provided thousands of hours of entertainment. So many great games that I prob. haven't even played half of them.

Ziriux3793d ago

You must be under 12 years old Newt lol. The PS2 had some of the greatest games on any system. I'm a fan of all consoles but the PS2 has a special place in my heart. Never have I known a system that offered such variety in gaming on a console, heck it started even on the PS1 days, but the PS2 brought the goods and was break through in gaming whether it was story or gameplay. Others have done their own thing but the PS2 was simply something that took us into the next generation, that is of course till, the Xbox came, technology wise it was a great system but the PS2 still was the greatest.

WengYong3793d ago

While it had superior graphics the games were garbage. PS2 offered far more variety in terms of games. It was a fantastic console. I would have placed the PS1 at 1, IMO that console was the most revolutionary console ever made.

Saaking3793d ago

imo, N64 and PS1 were a tie.

Persistantthug3793d ago


I have the N64 hooked up to one of my TV's now (for when young kids come to visit)because the damn thing is freakin really is.

But during that generation, the PS1 really slapped the N64 around in the marketplace, to a point where is wasn't even close. It was a good system, but the PS1 probably, if it could talk, it could make a good argument for itself if it claimed to be #1.

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