IGN: PAX 09: EyePet Preview

IGN writes: "It is rare that I am completely struck speechless by a videogame, but just a few moments into a demo of EyePet at Sony's PAX suite, I noticed my mouth absolutely agape. So many so-called virtual pets and just basic animal simulations with a modest amount of interaction that disguises what are really just canned routines. Nintendogs was the first real virtual pet, as far as I'm concerned. But unless EyePet is seriously derailed before November, this is precisely what I imagined the genre becoming – a real character that responds to physical interaction. Using the EyeToy camera and a special card -- called the Magic Card -- you really do develop a relationship with the furry on-screen animal that shuffles on-screen when you start up the game".

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Saaking3793d ago

Looks excellent. Another AAA revolutionary PS3 exclusive.

evilmonkey5013793d ago

something new to do with my ps3eye. Looking forward to it.

rbluetank3793d ago

i wish he did more then smile/jump. i hope they bundle this game with a camera. it is a nice game and i hope it sells well.

JL3793d ago

I'll actually be curious to see how far you can go with the picture-drawing bit. I mean we were shown that you draw an airplane and it will draw it then fly it around. Surely that isn't the only example of that feature. So I have been curious what other things you can draw and how much that type of interaction can be used. I mean I'm sure you won't be able to draw an assault rifle or something, then draw stick figures that it will shoot, but there's gotta be more to it.

callahan093793d ago

Yeah I'd like to find out what else is possible, too. All I've seen or heard about so far is a car and the airplane. There will surely be more, though.

TheHater3793d ago

Those most underrated game this year. I cannot believe this game is so under the radar.

mastiffchild3793d ago

It's an odd hin though, isn't it? Who heard anything about Nintendogs before it was uneashed like a plague among us? Noone, that's who and look how that went! Sony need to blitz the ads for this as I'm positive millions of DS units were sold on the back of kids pestering parents for Nintendogs alone and this could be a similar sized craze among littluns and isn't so mindnumbing that we won't want to play along with our nippers.

Be interesting to see exactly how far you can go with this but I personally had to buy two DS with Nintendogs for my kids and imagine my youngest two will go mad for this fella when he hits their radar(which is an odd place as things appear as fully developed "must have" items with seemingly no clue for us bigger people along the way-whatever happens it's impressive tech that, I'm certain, will be able to be modified for other game genres(imagine actually drawing the kit you want/need to create in an RPG or even FPS-it could even be used as a gun cleaning mini game before sniping missions! There's a shed load of possibilities imo)in ways none of us have thought of yet.

However, will it shift consoles? With a PSeye in the package it's going to be good enough value at $49 if I recall things correctly.