GTA IV: OXM Preview - New Revelations

The latest issue of Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK follows the Official PS3 magazine's GTA Elizabeta scoop with some more insider information on this year's most eagerly waited for game.

* According to the magazine, GTA IV is currently 66% complete.
* When Niko pulls out a pistol, a crosshair with a simple black cross within a circle shows up on the screen. This could be an indication of manual aiming being available in the game.
* Rockstar's humorous take on the number 69 makes an appearance yet again in GTA IV, the editors of the magazine saw a sign for a "69th Street Diner". Another building called "Twitchins", the GTA version of Brooklyn's Domino's Sugar Factory, is in the game.

Why didn't they ask what we all want to know: if the game music is limited by the storage media?

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nirwanda4273d ago

That why rockstar uses the 360 version to demo the game to muti format mags like gameinformer without showing the ps3 version

dork07834274d ago

THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I GOT a XBOX 360 AND THATS GTA4 I JUst can't over it I'm so EXcited.

dork07834274d ago

THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I GOT a XBOX 360 AND THATS GTA4 I JUst can't get over it I'm so EXcited.

Hectic_Kris4274d ago

this is not news i love the game just everyone else but i dont want to now its 66% done and the majority of thge GTA games have the choice to use crosshair ehhh get it right this is not news it is annoynce

BIadestarX4274d ago

I was going to buy this game... But I have the feeling is going to suck... I mean... how can I trust a game developer that does not trust the hardware they are making games for. For me gta is dead at least as far as 360 is concern. They sounded like if they were preparing xbox 360 owners for a let down. What's sad is that I wouldnt buy a PS3 just to play this game.

Hymons4274d ago

Where exactly in the article did it mention anything about them not trusting the hardware in the 360?

Why post something like that when you could have better spent your time writing about the article at hand? Is it because you wanted to tell everyone you wouldn't purchase a PS3 just for this game.. and it's just "sad?" Because that is about all I got out of that comment.

Anyway back to the point, I'm glad to hear it's 2/3 done.

FeralPhoenix4274d ago

I'm not a big GTA fan, but I still don't see what they said in the OXM interview that can be called a "let down"? I don't think you will find very many people to buy any console just to play one (1) game. Are you OK, Bladestar?....Either way for gamers who like GTA series it sounds like they are going to make a great game on both consoles, isn't that all that matters?

BIadestarX4273d ago

@BizkitGravy, actually... not... as matter of fact is I already own a PS3 which I am planning to when Metal Gear or FFXIII come out I would buy it for the PS3 instead of the XBox 360 version. I love my 360 and many people acuse me of being an xbot here. So, my feeling towards GTA were destroyed when they started saying how the xbox 360 were limiting GTA. They were pretty much saying that the PS3 version was going to be better before they even finish the game. I can be wrong.. and I hope I am wrong... but they are pretty much telling people the PS3 version will be better since it's not "limited". If anyone have both consoles.. why would anyone pick the Xbox 360 version when the developers making it are complaining about the hardware and pretty much saying the PS3 is a better console for it.
I love my 360 and I am loving C&C3 right now, almost beat GDI campain(I hope)... but when developers complain about a console's limitation before they make the game.. it tells you a lot about what to spect about the game they are making... I hope I am very wrong about this... and the 360 is not "limited".

chelcho4273d ago

I think they talk about dvd limitation. I see no problem that PS3 version is going to be better especially for you; cause you own PS3 already.
Maybe you should try fall in love with PS3 :)

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