Ve3tro: The Beatles: Rock Band Review

Ve3tro writes: "The Beatles have long been hailed by many as one of, if not the greatest bands of all time. Weather this is true or not can be can be left up to interpretation, but one thing I'm sure of is that they are long overdue for their own video game. Well, Harmonix is here to provide this game in the form of The Beatles: Rock Band a spin off of their popular Rock Band series. (Obviously. Did I really need to say that?) Now you will have the chance to play through the career of The Beatles using your plastic drum kit and guitars. Sound exciting? It is".

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Yast3r3787d ago

I'm unsure now as to whether to not I should purchase GH5, Beatles or... neither and wait until both are bargain bin titles because there have been so many damn music games lately.

Ve3tro3785d ago

Wait for DJ Hero dude.