GameSpy: The Beatles: Rock Band Review

GameSpy writes: "The Beatles are the greatest band of all time. Go ahead and dispute that if you'd like (you're welcome to your opinion), but I'm not backing down from that statement. While Led Zeppelin undoubtedly rocked harder, The Rolling Stones brought their unique brand of overt sexuality into the mix, and The Who was better at smashing instruments, The Beatles not only changed the way the world looked at popular music and shattered sales records, they even altered the way we heard it. No other group had the wherewithal to consistently push the envelope in an attempt to break down barriers (sonic and otherwise), and the way they reinvented themselves time and time again set the stage for the U2s and Radioheads of today. It's no wonder that they were the first of the big four rock 'n roll bands to get their own Rock Band title. Really, the only question is where The Beatles: Rock Band will ultimately fit into their already impressive legacy".

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