GOS: PAX 09: Chatting with Amy Henning. Reveals Interesting Uncharted Information

"While Blade206 and I were the Mag Meet Up, Blade's radar for industry icons went off. His Spidey sense detected none other then Amy Henning; industry legend. She is the writer of the Uncharted franchise and the PS One classic Legacy of Kain. We talked to her for about a half and hour, and we found out some very interesting bits of information regarding the franchise. Keep in mind that I am not directly quoting her, and I'm just summarizing out conversation."


I misspelled her name, it is Amy Hennig

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tdogchristy903796d ago

After reading this I have a few questions.

If not a trilogy then I wonder how many games will be in the series?

and if uncharted 3 is more than 50 gigs then 2 Blu-ray disks?

Cajun Chicken3796d ago

Interesting stuff. Good franchise, but I'm not sure if I want ND on Uncharted forever, I sort of want them to return to J&D again.

WildArmed3796d ago

They might flip to the Insominaic program.
1 year Rachet n 1 year Resistance.

so then they can alternate with jak &Drake. I think they mainly want to get all the tweaks down n max the engine out. Then they can drop awesome games out more often.

CharlesDCI3796d ago


I believe that that Uncharted 3 will probably cap out at 50 gigs. Which will make it twice the size of Uncharted 2.

WildArmed3796d ago

agreed. But its also known that Bluray discs upto 500gb exist. (and can be used on the ps3).

But i dont think they are useful for gaming purposes. 50gb should be the limit ND needs. but I'm kinda surprised to see that they had to cut content. hope nothing awesome was killed

ps3gamer1873795d ago

wow im surprised any bits were cut out and im so happy theres gnna be more UNCHARTED games GOS RULES