IGN: The Beatles: Rock Band Review

IGN writes: "The Beatles: Rock Band isn't for everyone. Like, say, people who don't care about The Beatles. If that's you, then move along. For those who have a love or even just a fondness for the Fab Four, Harmonix has created a fantastic tribute. It won't teach you the full history of the world's most celebrated band nor give you even a quarter of their extraordinary catalogue of music, but it's still great. The Beatles went out of their way to do new things. So it's no surprise that a Beatles game doesn't feel at all like the traditional music title. It's special. What Beatles fan would want it any other way?"

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rCrysis3796d ago

running 9's across the board.

I've always wanted to get into The Beatles but I've never liked listening to old records. you know that old tape sound?

I love the remastered recordings =]

mugoldeneagle033796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I'm 22 and my father rasied me on the Beatles. To this day I'll always remember listening to Come Together, Back in the USSR & Lady Madonna on the way to pee wee football games.

If your young and are looking for a reason to start listening to the Beatles this will do the trick. I really don't think there's another band out there that's more influential than the Beatles were in their time.

Whats eerie is that I'm this crazy about them and I was born in 87. Thats the effect they have on me.

Great scores for one of the greatest bands. Cant wait till Tuesday :)

jdbrash3796d ago

Still on the fence about this one. i like some Beatles songs, but i'm sure if i like enough to buy a game consisting of just Beatles songs.