Forza Motorsport 3 Xbox 360 Gameplay - PAX 09: Joker BMW

Check out this custom-designed Joker BMW.

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- Ghost of Sparta -5434d ago

Lol graphics are nowhere near GT5. Sorry bots.

KingKionic 5434d ago

But they look pretty darn good .

DelusionalSonyDroid5434d ago

The M$ bots must have missed the first batch of GT5 pics just released.


hahahahahha poor M$ bots, you wish Flooza looked that good.

Forza 3:




GOD Turismo 5 first pics:


hahahahha poor M$ bots

DelusionalSonyDroid5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

GT5's first pics:




hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahah ahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahah ahahahaha

Forza 3:


hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha hahaaa

poor poor M$ bots

FlipMode5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

I get what you're trying to do DelusionalSonyDroid, but those are pictures of the menu, not in game racing.....

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JokesOnYou5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

Oh wait nevermind, DelusionalSonyDroid for a second I thought you were serious, I guess I should have known better your name speaks for itself and those pics....well on look on the positive side GT5 isn't finished yet. As for F3 its looking simply amazing and the features are 2nd to none....a Joker Car?...aww they didn't have to do that just for me. I'm flattered though.


Fleet Fox5434d ago

That made my day. Make the moron Sony fanboys look like the fools tehey are hahahahahahahha

GT5 is going to get CRUSHED in reviews.

topdawg1225434d ago

These graphics suck compared to gt5s

Montrealien5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

Thanks DelusionalSonyDroid, with the latest PAX Forza 3 vids and your nice colection of links you helped me realize that I will be getting 2 of the best looking racing games in history.

I remember watching this intro video from my favorite racer of all time and dreaming of the day when racers actually get to that point in real time, what a great time to be a gamer.


just watched it again, man that video is awesome, cant believe that was ten years ago.

I win, fanboys lose.

coolirisGB5434d ago


There is a pic floating around of the Nissan in Forza 3 and one from real life in a split comparison and you couldn't tell which one was forza 3 or real life.

MGSR THE HD VERSION5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

in case nobody noticed DelusionalSonyDroid's comments were clearly insulting ps3.


the shots, GT5's pictures says it all.

this about the best shot of the bunch. you can clearly see color banding everywhere coupled with poor black levels and really poor ground textures. (not to mention the disk brake is a drawing.)

this ONE picture of forza3 obliterates. (the tire shows FULL detail, and the gravel is SO sharp)


(picture taken from this vid) http://xbox360.ign.com/dor/...

you can hype GT5 all you want....the game looks dated. (and it's speaking for it's self)

coolirisGB5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

That was clear by simply looking at his user name and the pics of the Nissan from GT5.

rareairtone5433d ago

I don't know if you agree with DSD or not, but your mention of the menu is exactly what I'm tired of with Sony fans. Isn't the menu picture supposed to be the best of what GT5 offers in visuals, if not the replay videos (it's that way for forza 3)? Yet when forza 3 had pictures of photomode and the menu (menu pics have been out since E3 actually, like that red ferrari), gt5 fans were dogging Turn 10 saying that we weren't really seeing what the game is capable of, that they were releasing bullshots. Now that DSD compared Forza 3 photomode shots with gt5's menu graphics, which SHOULD be better than gameplay, you're implying that he's not doing a fair comparison of gt5's graphics with Forza 3.

What more do you want? It kills me when GT5 pictures like this


are compared against Forza because those are true bullshots. GT5 is an excellent looking game in motion, I love its lighting, but Forza 3 can compete with it with gt5 with its newest engine showed at PAX.

DSD was actually doing gt5 a favor by using its menu shots to compare with gameplay pics of forza (whose photomode increase anti-aliasing and I think implements better lighting ?_? don't know)

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dgroundwater5434d ago

I love that song, so chillin.

The Master Chief5434d ago


Is this seriously what Sony released for GT5's first screenshots??

Please tell me its a joke so I don't sh1t myself laughing.


FlipMode5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

Umm I guess logic isn't working, once again, the menu. Understand?

LOL at teh disagrees, I guess its true, the XDF can't use logic...........pretty sad.

Man_of_the_year5433d ago

"Umm I guess logic isn't working, once again, the menu. Understand?"

ummm, wouldn't that mean that it should look better?

Menu mode is where the graphics shine since the system doesn't have to compute the physics of everything...hence where "bullshots" come from.

In game shots is where you can see the downgrade because of everything that is going on and why everyone wants to see the graphics of ingame motion.

So it would be you who's logic isn't working. You have it backwards.

Deadman645433d ago

textures on the brick is horrid. The 'people' look blocky.

The car looks pretty darn good tho