Play Guitar Hero with your own songs for FREE! (no modchip)

"We all love rocking out with that cheap plastic guitar and thinking we know jack about music. Well now you can get your guitar hero fix FOR FREE. There are a few ways to do this, I'm going to show you the two main ways I do this all the time." Mega Gaming Hq

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mghq5021d ago

I thought this was really cool. What do you all think?

ReservoirDog3165021d ago

You can also use this on the PSP, kinda. It's called guitarstar. Install it then download the songs from fretsonfire and that's it really.

It's only for hacked PSPs (obviously).

Mindboggle5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

Im suprised many people didnt know about this already. Its been around for years.

But to just elaborate the PS3 guitar contoller is the only one that is "plug in and play". The 360 and Wii all require additional drivers and the wii requires bluetooth. So the PS3 one is the easiesy one to use.


EpicCyndaquil5020d ago

Thanks to the two posters above me, that is good info. But you do not need any drivers for the Wiimote, it's simply considered a "Human Interface Device".

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mghq5021d ago

This article was also by one of Mega Gaming Hq's own staff. Epic Cyndaquil.

mghq5021d ago

Review this submission please

EpicCyndaquil5021d ago

I thought it was really cool that I could play songs that Guitar Hero didn't buy, what do you think?

KingKionic 5021d ago

How the heck did you guys find this out ?

Also...great find .

EpicCyndaquil5021d ago

Just sharing what I know with those who don't. It seems I've found a place I belong here at n4g :)

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