PS3 Firmware 3.0 - why oh why did they do that?

Gamer Limit writes: "Time to be blunt – the launch of the latest and anticipated firmware 3.0 update for the PS3 seemingly hasn't gone well. Since its launch, reports have already been surfacing about game freezing and controller issues, which has led to unwanted aggravation for some gamers.

These minor issues aside, the update has promised it has a lot to offer, but was it worth the biblically long downloading time?"

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Fullish3790d ago

Maybe they are trying to catch up to a competitors dashboard...

Ziriux3790d ago

You son of a biatch. I knew you would go there, why would they want to go lag with a dashbaord like Lives, Live is good for what it is.

- Ghost of Sparta -3790d ago

Do you ever shut up, Fullish? I think I'll spread the word on how retarded Gamer Limit staff are now.

Ziriux3790d ago

lol Sparta, that doesn't work really, if a site has established user base and rank, or at least I havent' seen it work.

You know Fullish loves fights between fanboys lol, what can you do, just let him run his mouth lol. That's how he creates Convo.

Good to see you man.

3790d ago
Battlefield3790d ago

Hahhaha, don't be serious.. There's no catching up to do. Not a slight bit, not even a dot.

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SilverDragon19793790d ago

I also did not like all the changes that came with the 3.0 update, and I agree it would be nice if I had the option to turn new features on and off.

Ziriux3790d ago

Yea wouldn't we wall buddy, wouldn't we all.

meepmoopmeep3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

all i want is:

remove grey banner from friends list
get the game startup splash/chime back
get the old system startup sound back

it's more of a cosmetic issue than a technical one
(i haven't had any tech issues yet like some have)

WhittO3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I like the "Whats New" section, used to annoy me when starting ps3 up and it loads up the theme for what game i had in the ps3 (usually loud theme!)

But the large fonts have to go, should just give us the option to increase/decrease font size.

Also, i dont like the way the background is blury when accessing some parts of PSN (except for accessing the profile).

I really wish they would make the notification look better than the dull/boring grey, maybe add some animation or have the users Avatar show when signing in or out? And maybe a little sound for new messages too ?

Loads of stuff i hoped for.

On the plus side i like the notification bar top right, it loads fast, doesnt get in the way, and looks better than just the clock on its own. Also the new loading time looks better now, before could hardly see it.

EDIT: Also, the fact that you have to pay for ALL (so far) Dynamic themes and that they are not releasing the technology to public to create themes is REALLY, REALLY bad.

MrR0ck5taR3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

has anyone else notice that with this new update you are no longer able to show the slideshow and play music at the same time.. it sucks i used to love that my ps3 would do it. You cant even press the PS button and not have it ask if you want to quit the playback.. Just something i noticed with the update.. don't know why it changed. SONY needs to fix that issue ASAP..

EDIT: does it have to do with having the dynamic theme showing?.. will have to investigate further.. still sucks if it is true.

Edit #2: upon further review all themes are effected. that needs to be fixed.

Mc Fadge3790d ago

It works, you just need to change a setting.

Settings>Music Settings>Output Frequency

Change it to 48 kHz

heroicjanitor3790d ago

But I agree with you guys mostly. One of the best(and I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed/mentioned it yet) new features is the ability to copy and paste save files from one profile to another. I would sometimes accidentally start a file on my brothers profile when he was done playing so it's less hassle than using a usb etc.

The dynamic themes(or theme) is pretty bad so far. I want to be able to make my own, paying for one should only be for when I am too lazy to make my own.

MrR0ck5taR3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

thank i will try it.. didn't know that it effected it.. thats why i was asking.. but still don't like the fact that i have to change my settings for it to happen.. played just fine before the update.

Edit: thanks Mc Fadge sure does work..

JD_Shadow3790d ago

That sounds like a bit of nitpicking to me. The chime being missing actually makes the game load up faster.

I'm on the fence about the gray friends list, though. I'm waiting to see the reason behind it. I agree that Sony may be thinking ahead to something they want to add to it.

Mc Fadge3790d ago

The only problem I see with the dynamic themes being available for creation is that they run on code based on user input (directional buttons and sixaxis so far), but I too would love to see them.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to create these themes either, but perhaps they could just allow us to use videos/flash files as backgrounds?

creamydingle3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Just so people no if you dont like the new whats new section when you turn on the ps3 you can turn it off in system settings so it just starts up like it use 2 showing the game disc first. Also ive had no controller issues and ive have played uncharted yesterday for about 3 to 3.5 hours did not freeze at all ran as smooth as silk. Its always the same 1 or 2 people have an issue and blame the update and start screaming online theres major problems when there really isnt.

MazzingerZ3790d ago

Do all the people complaining about the large text have HD TVs? Is this an issue mostly for standard TVs?

I noticed the difference but it's not that big of a difference.

Before I purchased a larger Bravia I had a little of difficulties with reading the text in my 32 inches bravia. Same goes for status info in the FL...text was too small if you sat at the recommended distance for the size of the TV

I had no problems with that on the new TV but I'm sure I'd have appreciated this update if I still gamed in the smaller TV

IdleLeeSiuLung3789d ago


Basically, Sony has been updating many unneeded features on PSN. They are still trying to play catchup with MS in terms of presentation. Just take one hard look at NXE and FW 3.0.

However, I like the new status bar on the top right (although it is ugly), the what's new section (I disagree with the article on this one) on boot up that highlights new updates and the font does make it easier to read even on HD TV's with 1080p (what is up with no option to revert).

Did Sony run out of things to do, because there are plenty of things they can do instead of making small annoying graphical changes!

Real Gambler3789d ago

Took less than 2 minutes for me to download AND install with just plain cable internet. Sure enough, it was a few hours after the firmware came out, so maybe the bulk of downloading was over by then... Didn't took 7 days for sure! Poor guy must still be using a good old modem plugged directly on top of a telephone pole.

ID IR A G 0 N3789d ago

stupid update... anyone who disagrees is nothing but a fanboy in denial.

Blaze9293789d ago

my biggest complain would have to be the friends list. I hate the way it looks now, just all that big grey stuff makes it look hideous and too much.

Besides that I really dont have a problem with it. Havent downloaded anything from the store after the 3.0 update yet so I'm not sure about this longer download times yet.

The overall font seems alot bigger too or is it just me? Also they could have left the old PS3 font and boot up for those who are not on a PS3 Slim; that is just retarded to rebrand the entire line of PS3s. Now you have a logo that doesnt match what is on the system and no longer on the original cases. Not really an issue or nothing but meh.

But other than that pretty...simple update. I like the dynamic theme now I guess but I will never pay 2.99 for one of them. I hope they update it periodically for some free ones.

NoBias3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

This 3.0 just did it for me. I'm trying to play through and beat Uncharted so I can be ready for the story in Uncharted 2 and the thing just froze on me on a part that took forever and I lost my save. I'm done trying to play the stupid game now.

What kinda Slant 6-esque update is this Sony?

Test your firmware before you release it... Especially test it on your FIRST PARTY GAMES! God this put me in a bad mood...

EDIT: I don't mean I'm done trying to beat Uncharted but damn, when you really want to play a game and your not sure if the system if going to freeze and start you over again, it's stupidly frustrating! That means i'll have to put this game off (which I want to play really badly) until Sony gets their act together and fixes this ridiculous 3.0 update... I'm sorry but in my situation right now (if they don't get this patched quick) this firmware was a fail in my eyes.

And it doesn't help that the huge fonts and friends list are hideous...

SaberEdge3789d ago

I really like the new update. I haven't encountered any problems yet and I like the changes that it has brought. It seems faster, I like the new status bar at the upper right, the animated themes are cool (the included sparkle theme is really slick), I love that I can finally use two audio outputs at the same time, and the bigger font is a big improvement to me. I always thought the font was just a little too small before, so now it looks a lot better to me. It's not like there is that big of a size difference in the font anyway. How can people complain about something so minor?

I can understand people complaining if they are having technical issues like game freezing and stuff, but to complain about something so little as font size just seems kind of petty. It was like this with the NXE on Xbox 360 too, some people were complaining because they didn't like some of the changes, but oh well, that is life, you are never going to be able to satisfy everybody.

Raz3789d ago

Relax, guys. After's still in beta. ahahahahahahahaha

But seriously. I can think of more important things to update.

jadenkorri3789d ago

fix the friends list, and also start on the game, not the fricking advertisments, i used to be able to turn it on, press x, not its nav to game left a few times then x.

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chrisjc3790d ago

I'm not a big fan of it: I dislike the large text and giant ads.

Ziriux3790d ago

Ya for some people the presentation has to be smooth, or else it ruins everything else that maybe good inside, sadly we are stuck with the new update and have to deal with it and get use to it. I'm sure they'll change it to something good down the road.

TheGameLlama3790d ago

I like how "game freezing and controller issues" are "minor issues," like our system locking up and our controllers not being recognized are just simple, ignorable glitches. Having a functional system is kind of important, especially when you're already in third place, Sony.

Ziriux3790d ago

Yea third place in sales, but their def. second in online gaming. The Wii has nothing that's good online, until MW 2 comes out of course, I just hope that IW holds up true to their promise.

Elven63790d ago

I haven't had much time with 3.0 but I haven't come across those glitches (yet?). Also, Treyarch is doing Modern Warfare on the Wii.

dkgshiz3790d ago

in you're avatar? He looks like he needs to poop.

meepmoopmeep3790d ago

i haven't had any tech issues yet

Mc Fadge3790d ago

What are these controller issues? Link?

mastiffchild3790d ago

No problems for me so can't comment on them. Don't mind the new set up, not even the grey on the FL(will have something planned with that IMO), and don't know much about "ninlical" downloading for this update either as it took me about ten minutes IIRC and my connection's usually crap.

What gets me about us gamers is that we're more prepared to moan about the free stuff than actually being ripped off for money but there you go.

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Ziriux3790d ago

I like it, it's very slick and cool looking just like the 360 dashbaord,although, I find the PS3 one to be a lot more smooth and lag free unlike 360's, either one is good, I'm glad sony changed it up.

StartWars3790d ago

I think it's a very functional design, which is why it didn't need too many alterations to it. The new status indicator is a welcome touch, though.

raztad3790d ago


I agree. I like the new design.

Bigger fonts make the XMB more readable, specially when your TV is at 1080p. I'm sure the grey boxes will serve a more interesting purpose in the near future. Gamecard info? Join friend's multiplayer session perhaps?

poopsack3790d ago

i agree with all the above. :)