Secrets of the Wii - What Nintendo doesn't want you to know

So, we all know that Wii seems to be lacking in features compared to it's current rivals, the PS3 and the XBOX360. But what if I told you that you that the Wii secretly has all those network features? That's right, Nintendo could do a lot more with their products that they refuse to do. So I'm gonna share some insider secrets with you on what you can REALLY do with your Wii.

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mghq3789d ago

So what do yall think about these secrets

Grammar_Police3789d ago

"So, what do you all think about these secrets?"

Madusha3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Some cool stuff in there. Only thing I didn't know: "Play DVDs in your Wii" just found out now lolz. Most of you probably knew that.

gamesR4fun3789d ago

for an extra 50$ n u can play br too no fussing with 'homebrew' n trust me its not that great

#4 lolz jus lolz

karan86243789d ago

Not too amazed. So what if you can play DVD's? Hell, pretty much everything plays DVD these days. My toaster plays DVDs :P

EAsucksman3789d ago

Are there any instructions on how to play back up copies without a mod chip? Please reply!

EpicCyndaquil3789d ago

If you just do a few simple searches for that, you should find one with instructions of a backup playing homebrew. I haven't used this myself, and it looks pretty difficult, but try it if you want. I don't approve of this, but I'm curious if you get it to work.

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mghq3789d ago

Lol, pardon my southern accent.

mghq3789d ago

We will also be testing the secret about linux on the wii soon. We will make a new post when we do it.

mghq3789d ago

Also if you have tried any before tell us if you succeeded or failed

KionicWarlord2223789d ago


Number 4 was shocking.

mghq3789d ago

Yes, number 4 is quite suprising. I was suprised when i found out

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The story is too old to be commented.