Uncharted 2 Public Demo Announced

Naughty Dog and Sony reveal the release date for the public Uncharted 2 demo.

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mrv3213786d ago

Mark you calenders, move your PS3 and plug it in directly to your router, unplug and disconnect EVERYTHING ELSE. Upgrade your internet connection.

deadreckoning6663786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Yay, no reason to buy from Gamestop now! It'll be a good way to decide if ill get this or save my cash for Modern Warfare 2 and AC2.

RememberThe3573786d ago

I got this locked in my brain. It's not going anywhere!

Shadow Flare3786d ago

Mark your calenders, upgrade your internet connection, buy another calender and mark that one, shave the date onto your dogs fur, if you don't have a dog buy a dog and shave the date into its fur and name the dog nathan drake, find a stranger and write the date on his face then take a polaroid, punch a cat, mark the date on your friends phone, then steal his phone and claim it as your own then shave the date into your friends hair, find a new friend called nathan, DON'T MISS 29th SEPTEMBER!

Cwalat3786d ago

Great news for those still on the edge for this one, but i will not touch the demo cause i already preordered my limited edition copy of Uncharted 2 at GameStop.

Stopped watching trailers for this awesome game since E3 and don't want to spoil this game anymore.

NaughtyGods have done it again and more so this time, they deserve all the millions of upcoming sales.

G3TDOWN3786d ago

I'm confident enough and I'm already 100 sure this game is going to be AWESOME !!--!!!--!!!--!!

I will wait 14 more days !

anyone else has the same feeling ? I don't want to spoil even a lil bit !

raztad3786d ago

Have fun with this demo guys. The beta was just amazing.

I'll skip this demo and save my time for Demons Souls and some other unfinished games (UC1 among them). There is so little time between both DS and UC2 release, probably I'll need to wait some few days before getting UC2.

jack_burt0n3786d ago


I know what ur saying but every1 on my friends list will be playing the early beta >_< I already pre ordered the CE but might have to buy it again to insure a code...... i got the craving bad lol wanna snap some necks!

sniper-squeak3786d ago try out one of the best games to come out this year... Best graphics and gameplay :D

Cannot wait, PlayStation 3 - This is Living

ThatCanadianGuy3786d ago


I haven't had a good laugh like that in awhile.
Bubbles to you sir.

LONEWOLF2313786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I got the Gamestop code awhile back, that multi-player demo starts this 19th............cant wait for that, i wonder what new stuff will be featured NOT that it needed an upgrade since the beta was freaking awesome!

ultimolu3786d ago


...*deep breath*


I was in the closed beta but still...HOLY CRAP. *marks calendar*

Plus NGS2?!

*hugs PS3 tightly* Never fail me my black knight in shining armor. :)

karan86243786d ago

I almost got a private beta key but lost by 1 vote (clan contest). But yessssssssssssssssssssss, public beta.

mal_tez923786d ago

But this is still great news

Sarcasm3786d ago

Marking nothing but the release date.

Not touching this demo, I don't want to ruin the fresh feeling when playing the actual game.

3786d ago
Tinted Eyes3786d ago

LOL at the disagree, pretty sad the XDF are so jealous of this game! must be crying

TheBlackSmoke3786d ago

Like you even need a demo to know this game is a day one purchase without question. If you have a PS3 and dont buy uncharted 2, you need your head checked.

JL3786d ago

I agree with the likes of G3tdown and Sarcasm. I'm not touching it. Demo for me is nothing more than to hook a person in and convince them to buy the game. Well, I don't need no demo for that. I'm already 100% hooked and committed. This will be bought day 1. Til then, I refuse to play the demo or even look at anymore trailers. I want to just wait so I can play through this epic adventure fresh. Albeit, it will be hard when I see that demo sitting there on the PSN store, knowing how bad I want to play this. But I'll have to fight the temptation. There will be other games to keep me occupied til then at least.

masterg3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Great little birthday gift for me :)

You didn't play the demo. No body would say that after playing it. The beta was awesome.

IdleLeeSiuLung3786d ago

I thought there were no Collector's Edition available for sale on this game. Am I wrong?

SabreMan3786d ago

@ 1.2

imo all three are essential purchases

sniper-squeak3784d ago

Uncharted 2 Demo + TGS + September = a month to remember :D

iHEARTboobs3784d ago

I'm just getting the game day 1. :)

HDgamer3784d ago

Once you go black you never go back lol.

JsonHenry3784d ago

Of the few games I have played on my PS3, Uncharted was my absolute favorite. I don't even really care for platformers but I loved this game. I really can't wait for Uncharted 2. It makes me not regret buying my PS3 knowing this game is coming.

shovelbum3783d ago

Day one purchase no doubt but I'd rather wait than buy anything from Gamestop.

SaberEdge3783d ago

Number 1, best game this year! Uncharted was so brilliant and Uncharted 2... oh my gawd!

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Christopher_Walken3786d ago

If Uncharted 2 were a woman I would sit her down to a nice fancy dinner, let her order whatever she wanted. Then I would take her home and ravish her.

N4G king3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

if uncharted is tomb raider then halo is a power rangers game

and since when tomb raider is a 3rd person shooter with a cover system ?

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DeforMAKulizer3786d ago

Awesomeness!!!! =D Was in the earlier beta and it rocked!!!

WildArmed3786d ago

def. Uncharted 2 beta was the gaming highlight of my summer.. (inFAMOUS was MIND BLOWING too! but it was more of a pre-summer for me ) ;)

mastiffchild3786d ago

Same as that. Was in the first beta and loved it but when I got a code for the next I did the decent thing and gave it to a mate who'd missed out(cos I'm just sooo altruistic!)and was miserable!

Won't be demoing, however, as I'm just keen to keep the game fesh as possible-prolly keep my prep to a new run through the first immaculate game as I've not since they gave us trophies and was so upset after doing 100% of EVERYTHING that they didn't do it retroactively-the buggers! Still another reason to revisit possibly my favourite IP of this gen is welcome now the scar has healed!

I just hope for HD's sakes that the demo intrigues those currentlyin the dark into getting both Uncharted games as they both deserve sales in a much higher league-almost MGS numbers would be justified imo.

D4RkNIKON3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Me too, I am sad that it ended.


Go Bender go Bender go Bender

JonnyBigBoss3786d ago

I can't wait to play this game again. My HDTV is craving this game.