PAX '09: Brink preview (GameStooge)

Jordan Lund checks out Brink at PAX '09, the game GameStooge had previously named Game of Show back at E3.

Excerpt: "Until today, the crowds around the Bethesda booth were so deep it was impossible to even see what they were presenting. Today I was able to sit down with Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage, the company who worked with ID software doing the Enemy Territories games for Quake and Wolfenstein.

What they're doing now is a brand-new game called Brink, which Jonah Falcon previewed back at E3, naming it Game of Show. If you think of Fallout 3 as primarily an RPG with some first and third person shooter elements, you can think of Brink as primarily a shooter with some RPG elements."

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