Joystiq Hands-on: MAG's 256-man multiplayer

Joystiq writes: "I, like most people, have never participated in a 256-player virtual battle (or, due to its uncannily enormous amount of participants -- is it a war?). Though Zipper Interactive's MAG is built on incredibly strong first-person shooter foundations, incorporating fast-paced combat and a plethora of unlockable character modifications, the takeaway impression from my recent time with the game during a Sony preview event at PAX is, as you might guess, it is enormous".

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paskowitz3789d ago

I am in the Beta right now and haters be damned, MAG is simply awesome, as in it inspires awe. Its the most original FPS I seen in a long time. Its like the settings of COD, the tactical nature of Socom/RB6V, and the epic scale of something like Starcraft or WOW. The best way to describe it is a first person real time strategy tactical shooter. There was a time when I must have seen over 100 plays on screen all firing at each other and I simply put down the controller and watched. It was simply stunning. No game has captured the sense of full on, out right war, like MAG. It also delivers on the little things like ranking up, ease to join a match, character customization, perks and abilities, map design, an easy UI, simple and intuitive controls, etc. I, like many others was kinda iffy when all the preview videos were coming out, but after playing in the beta, I am sold. I think this game will really catch on to the hardcore players. I would love to see it join Killzone 2 on the MLG circuit and get some more exposure.

I can easily see MAG becoming the next Socom. If you do not get into the Beta, when the game comes out, give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

rbluetank3789d ago

what keeps the leader from being a a$$ hole? can he just tell you to do stupid stuff not in accordance with winning the match? can people just change side while the war is taking place and sabotage the game? kids/grown up love to do stuff for giggles. do anybody know if you max out that you have too become a leader or can you ride the sidelines as a soldier....i am buying the game regardless. i would like to know how Zipper can answer these questions. i have alot more questions but i am playing dead space on hard. this game kicks A$$...

B-Real2063789d ago

I haven't come across any A-hole squad or platoon leader. I think everyone is really just playing to try to win for their side. At the moment I can be a squad leader but I choose not to. I like being the grunt though there might come a time when one needs to step up and help lead a victory. COME ON SVER, today was not our day.

jjohan353787d ago

Squad leaders will have to follow platoon leaders commands. And platoon leaders will have to follow the guy on top.

You can't switch sides since once you pick a faction (of the three), you stay with them.

3789d ago
Ravage273789d ago

Wish it launches this november instead but Jan'10 is still close enough. Can't wait!