The Battle for Middle-earth II ships across North America

Electronic Arts have announced that they have shipped The Battle for Middle-earth II for the Xbox 360 to stores across North America and will be available from Friday July 7th...

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ACE6171d ago

whens it coming to the uk?..

i cant wait this is gona be amazing on xbox live

Mikey_Gee6171d ago

I am not normally a fan of this type of game, but this one really has my attention.

I was not ever a RPG fan either, then Elder Scrolls game along and I am hooked.

SO I am hoping this title will do the same, so I look forward to hearing what folks say about it.


Asylumchild6170d ago

When I click Xbox live it says CONNECTING TO EA SERVERS... and just stays on that and never connects enyone else having this problem.

Mikey_Gee6170d ago

EA seams to always use there own servers (much like BF2,etc, etc) .... they are not bad servers but not as stable as the MS XBL servers.

Make sure your connection is good as well. If you have a wireless connection ... try to run a land line just to see if the problems persists.


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